Monday, March 06, 2023

Night of the Agents and the Calico Sheriff

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Peck is tired of his donkey Clementine being so darn pokey and never getting him anywhere on time. He wants to trade her for a faster horse called Lickety Split. Turns out that this horse may be speedy, but Peck has no idea how to get him to stop. He ends up over a cliff with Dusty, and it's up to "Peck's Darlin' Clementine" to rescue them both by going slow on the mud down the hill. Toby's saying "Lasso Come Home" when he borrows Callie's noodle lasso to do tricks without practicing and catches an eagle. He has to figure out how to get down when the eagle takes him and the lasso to her nest. 

Called Collingswood Family Medicine next. I had hoped to get Friday off, but it didn't happen. I told them I needed two weeks or more ahead of time to ask for the day off. I rescheduled my physical check-up to March 30th. 

Headed to work after that. No trouble getting there or back, maybe because it was such a gorgeous day. Sunny, breezy, and warm, without a cloud in the sky. The driver going to the Acme arrived in six minutes; the one going home got there in four. They're working on Nicholson Road again, which meant there was a little traffic going around the repairs, but other than that, no trouble. They'd ended for the day by the time I'd finished.

Work wasn't a problem, either. We were off-and-on busy when I arrived, but it gradually cleared out. Not only is it too nice for shopping, but there isn't much going on right now. March Madness is only just getting started, and it's too early for most people to think of St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I ended up in express for a lot of the day, too. There were a few problems, mainly with items that didn't ring up right, but nothing horrible. I was out slightly late due to my relief being late, but other than that, no problems.

Went online for writing and job hunting soon as I got home. After I took a look at Indeed and a few book publishing sites, I worked on writing. Richard finally makes it to Gene's home, where he's greeted by his lovely wife Helen. Gene lives on one of the few actual streets in town, near the school. She's glad to meet him, mainly because she's hoping he'll take a lot of pressure off her husband's shoulders.

Broke for dinner and Match Game Syndicated at 7. The first episode was the one where Bob Barker's chair sank, dropping him at the level of the desks, to his annoyance. The chair they come up with to replace that one is much too high. Meanwhile, Betty White slides down in her seat in solitary, and Charlene Tilton name-drops her Dallas co-star Patrick Duffy and his show The Man From Atlantis as an answer to a question. 

For some reason, the second episode jumped back to the first syndicated week. We kick off with jokes about Bart Braverman's Vega$ shirt with a buff Robert Urich on it. There's also the unlikely top answer to "__ the Car" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night after a shower with something different. Pluto TV currently has the entire run of The Wild Wild West. F-Troop wasn't the only mid-60's TV show to do something unique with the western genre. While that program went in for sitcom farce, this one mixed a western setting with early steampunk and James Bond spy action. 

Started off with the first episode, "Night of the Inferno." James "Jim" West (Robert Conrad) is sent down to Texas by President Grant (James Gregory) to investigate the actions of General Juan Manalo (Nehemiah Persioff), who seems to want to get his hands on Texas. Jim appeals to Asian Wing Fat (Victor Bueno) for help, but ends up getting it from Artemis Gordon (Ross Martin), master of disguise and creator of ahead-of-their-time gadgets. He learns that an old girlfriend (Suzanne Pleshette) is not only mixed up with it, but may be the only one who knows who Manalo really is. 

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