Friday, March 10, 2023

The Night the Matches Changed

Got a quick start today with breakfast and the 1986 Card Sharks on Buzzr. This is the last time it'll be on Buzzr for a while. Starting Monday, it'll be replaced by Body Language. Not that I don't enjoy that show too, but I grew up watching Bob Eubanks and the ladies turning cards. I especially love the questions that involve asking people from the audience the answer, in this case a group of ten bachelors. Wish I could have seen who won, but I had other things to do today.

Karen picked me up at 9:55 for our appointment. This time, we talked at the Haddon Township Library. They don't have a specific study room, so we just sat at a table near an outlet. They're normally pretty quiet until school lets out, so we had no trouble.

On one hand, I really want a job as soon as I can find a decent one. I want a place of my own badly, but I couldn't even get the rental apartments to take me last year. I need to find a job that has health insurance and will make real money. 

On the other hand, most of the jobs I'm good at or interested in seem to involve more schooling, either classes or certificates. I absolutely, positively do not want four more years of schooling. Not even a consideration. I'm not waiting four years to get a place of my own, and over four years of college did nothing for me the first time around. I could handle a few months or under a year, if I could make myself pay attention. I've taken online classes I ended dropping out of because I lost interest or couldn't focus. 

Karen suggested joining her to see a job fair at Rowan College in two weeks. I avoided them in college. They always seemed to be for big businesses, never TV networks or newspapers or local radio stations or libraries or anything that interested me. Not to mention, you had to dress up, and I never knew what to say to all of those fancy, smart business people. Right now, though, I'd do anything to find a real, decent job quickly and with a minimum of fuss. 

Once she dropped me off at home, I asked for that Friday and Easter off, then did some writing. Gene grumbles about how corrupt the governor is and how the Wild Rider Gang has driven people off their land. Richard claims he's not interested in violence, just in finding a home for him and his sons and avoiding trouble, but the gears in his head are already turning...

Broke for lunch and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood at 1. Mrs. Tiger knows her boys want strawberry pancakes, so they take "A Trip to the Enchanted Garden" to pick some. Daniel wonders where the strawberries are on the plants and in his pancakes. His parents tell him he'll get his answer if he takes a closer look. Poor O the Owl has a cold and can't go on "A Trip to the Crayon Factory" with Daniel, Miss Elaina, and Katerina. Dan's dad takes photos of the machines so he can see them, and Dan brings him a fresh yellow crayon.

Picked up Uber soon as the cartoon ended. No trouble getting to work. They took five minutes coming here and getting there, and I actually arrived early. 

As the gentleman made his way up to the Acme, he mentioned that it looked like the clouds were getting darker. Gloomy clouds had lingered all day, but they didn't really do anything until about mid-way through my shift. We were busy up through about 4-4:30. After that, it didn't die entirely, but it really slowed down. Not only did the rain likely scare everyone off, but there's not much going on right now. March Madness is still kicking in, St. Patrick's Day is next week, and Easter is next month. No really major problems anywhere, other than my relief was late again.

Got my schedule when I arrived. This is much better. Fewer hours than last week, but more than I was getting. Monday and next Saturday off, nothing earlier than 11:30 or later than 6. 

Did a little grocery shopping after work. Found muffins for lunch, cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast, and a small square of chocolate peanut butter cake for half-price on the clearance rack. They finally had Fiber One bars in, and that sale is still on; bought two with an online coupon. Picked up peanut butter, popcorn, grapes, and blood oranges. 

They also finally got that Coke Move flavor in. All I could find in 20 ounces was the Coke Zero, and that suited me fine. Not bad. A bit...fruity? Maybe berry-ish? Better than the Dreamworld, but I still like the Starburst the best. 

It continued to shower lightly as I called Uber. The weather must have held up everyone. It took me 15 minutes to get a driver. Thankfully, the traffic on the Black Horse Pike wasn't bad, and I was home in a little over 5. 

Went straight into dinner and Match Game '79 when I got home. Buzzr's airings continue to be all over the place. For some reason, they jumped ahead to the very last episode of the original CBS series. Elaine Joyce, Marcia Wallace, and Bart Braverman helps the contestant with "You're In the __" in the Audience Match, while Gene lets Bill Daily try on his suit jacket for his wedding. (And he must have really liked it; he can be seen wearing it several times during the syndicated run.)

The second-to-last episode began with Bart helping the contestant with "__ Sink" on the Head-to-Head. There were also some jokes about a college student studying to be a dentist, and whom Jackie the Comic got hate mail from.

Finished the night after a shower on Pluto TV with more first season Wild Wild West. West is supposed to substitute for a scientist who invented what sounds like nitroglycerin in "The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth." It ends with the scientist dead and his invention in the hands of scheming dwarf Dr. Miguelito Lovelace (Michael Dunn). Lovelace insists that California belongs to him, and he'll blow up half the state if the governor doesn't turn it over to him. West makes him think he's turning to his side in order to get the explosives back. 

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