Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Got a later start than planned and had just enough time for a few cold-weather cartoons on The Roku Channel before work. Started off with breakfast and Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures. Raspberry Tart wants to have a spring fashion show and regatta at the water fountain, the same day construction worker Berrykin Bruce planned a big water show. Strawberry gets them to compromise, first alternating rehearsals, then putting their shows together. When the fountain freezes over during a sudden cold snap and their plans are put "On Ice," they figure out how to work with the weather they have.

Switched to the original My Little Pony and Friends as I got ready for work. Strawberry and the residents of Berry Bitty City aren't the only ones dealing with surprisingly chilly weather. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" when a blizzard hits Paradise Estate in the middle of summer. The ponies enjoy it at first, until a little prince penguin tells them the snow is a plot by his father the Penguin King to freeze the world and eliminate any creature who can't handle the cold. They join him on a quest to convince the cold-hearted bird that penguins aren't the only creatures who deserve to live.

Picked up Uber slightly early...and nearly got blown into the car. It never snowed here, it but it remains cloudy and gray. The wind howled like the angry Penguin King, and it was almost as cold. At least there was no trouble than Uber. The drivers both ways took about 10 minutes to arrive and less than 5 minutes to get me to and from work.

Picked up a few things at work I missed on Friday. Used a $2 bakery items online coupon to get Irish scones for lunch and try some caramel pecan shortbread cookies. Grabbed yogurt for breakfast and a $1.99 carton of Acme generic mint cookies and cream ice cream, too. 

Work was busy almost the entire afternoon. Not only are we coming up on St. Patrick's Day at the end of the week, but today was our Senior Discount Day. And of course, we had absolutely no help whatsoever. They had to shut down the deli around 4 PM because the entire afternoon and evening shift called. They called a guy from the bakery to come in so I could go home.

Went upstairs and into dinner when I got home. Watched the second half of the Match Game '74 episode as I ate. Some of the answers get pretty wild in this episode, including Charles' weird response to what a psychic gazes into instead of a crystal ball. Jimmie Walker is far happier with the top answer for "__ Times" in the Audience Match. (And it's too bad the last two episodes of this week are currently lost. The first three were really fun, and I believe this was the last week for ever-laughing Kaye Stevens.)

Since the 7 PM Buzzr Match Game is still running the same shows they had on last week, I opted to go way back and watch one of my favorite episodes of Match Game '73 on YouTube. McLean Stevenson turns up in his seat shirtless, claiming the other men wouldn't lend him any clothes. Gene gives him his jacket...then his other one when McLean claims the first is itchy. Richard makes a crack about having to get him to the Largo, a then-popular strip club in LA.

Finished the night after a shower with Paddy O'Day. I go further into this vehicle for 30's child star Jane Withers about an Irish girl who hooks up with Russian immigrants and a shy scholar when she arrives in America at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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