Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dolls on a Sunny Spring Day

Started off the morning with breakfast and Match Game '75. In the first episode, Gene comes in carrying a purse that actually belongs to soap star Pat Crawley and fields several jokes about it. We also get to briefly meet Earl, the little man who works the Audience Match board, and Jack, a contestant who just happens to own a hotel in Encino. The second continues with the jokes about Brett and Gene's (supposed) trysts while the others help with "Line __" in the Audience Match.

Tattletales came on next. I was surprised to see three entirely new couples. Tom Bosley, of course, I knew well; he brought his smart wife Jean. I was less familiar with the other two. Willie Shoemaker was a popular jockey from the late 50's through the 80's; he came with his wife Babbs. They mentioned Bernadette Stanis was from Good Times. She was there with her boyfriend Tom Faultelroy. And they wound up being the big winners, over the two long-married couples.

Changed the dolls into formal springtime outfits for the upcoming holidays after I ate. Kit may not appreciate the ruffles, but she does look cute in her cotton candy pink Candy Making Dress. Samantha is also in a limited edition spring outfit, her elegant pink and magenta Flower Picking Dress. Josefina celebrates her just-passed Saint Day in her Feast Day Finery with the lovely turquoise skirt, white ruffled camisa, and beautifully embroidered gold shawl. Felicity is also dressed for her birthday in her salmon-pink Spring Gown with its floral pinner apron.  Molly's birthday outfit is sleeveless and has thin fabric that isn't really appropriate for early spring. She wears her aqua Polka-Dot Outfit instead. Jessa is in an authentic 90's outfit, the original Birthday Outfit with the purple fruit-print jumper and t-shirt made for the modern American Girl dolls in 1998.  

Whitney and Barbara Jean sport hand-made dresses from eBay. Whitney's is white with pastel polka-dots and lace trim. She wears it with the purple metallic shoes Lauren sent a while back and the crinoline from her eBay poodle skirt. Barbara Jean is in a pink, yellow, magenta, and purple geometric-print mini dress with velvet flower trim and a yellow ruffle on the skirt. The magenta bow headband and tights from an Our Generation outfit matched perfectly. I even got her into the kitten heeled magenta shoes with the sequin trim that originally went with the American Girl flapper costume. I picked up Julie's original white Birthday Dress with the brown, gold, and orange flower trim on eBay last week. It looks even better with Ariel's bright copper hair and turquoise eyes.

Dressed the Cabbage Patch dolls for spring, too. They both get outfits originally made for real little girls. Dulcie wears a white dress with lace trim and purple and white smocking on the yoke. Carrie's in a red and white polka-dot pinafore dress, with rickrack trim and a strawberry decal on the pinafore skirt. 

Switched to springtime music after I turned the shows off. The Music of Spring is another Columbia seasonal collection from the early 60's. Some of the better songs include "Camelot" by Jerry Vale, "April In Paris" by Leslie Uggams, "I Could Have Danced All Night" by Rosemary Clooney, the folk number "Green Green" by The New Christy Minstrels, and catchy instrumental versions of "Younger Than Springtime" by Ray Coniff and His Orchestra and "Happy Talk" by Andre Kostelanetz. I also did Winter Into Spring, one of George Benson's seasonal-themed albums. The first two, "January Stars" and "February Seas," are especially lovely. 

It had turned into such a lovely day, I just had to go for a short walk, despite my sore ankle. I needed a few things at Dollar General anyway. I can't seem to find my size underwear at Target anymore, so I got it there. They also had the Sunbelt Bakery granola bars that Acme doesn't seem to carry anymore, or at least the Oats & Honey and Chocolate Chip. Decided I'd get a head start on Easter and picked up tote bags for Finley, Khai, and the daughter of a friend, and little things to fill them like fluffy wind-up chicks, mini chocolate bunnies, bottles of bubble solution shaped like bunnies, and wooden decorations to color. 

It's really starting to look like spring in the neighborhood. Sunny golden or creamy white daffodils sprout in every garden. Some of the trees are already in bloom, with tiny white blossoms waving in the breeze. Green grass slowly replaces brown on front lawns. The wind was chilly, but the sun felt warm. It was so warm, I went out in a sweater and was perfectly fine. 

Considered eating lunch out, but decided I'd save that for my trip to Collingswood tomorrow. Went home and had a sandwich for lunch instead. Went straight into writing after I got home...when I could focus. Richard figures that if he tries to find out what Ira and the railroad are up to as the sheriff, he'll end up in the same cemetery as the previous holder of that title. He doesn't tell Marcia, but he knows he'll have to do it as someone else. He's just not sure who...or how. 

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. Watched Match Game Syndicated while I worked. This time, they actually did air the episode that introduced the hilarious contestant Margaret from North Jersey. I'm glad it got on. The episodes that featured Margaret were adorable. Bill Daily was thrilled when she called him cute, and even danced with her after the Head-to-Head. 

Finished the night with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike and the robots got their Renaissance Fair jokes on with Deathstalker and the Warriors of Hell, a sword-and-sorcery epic from 1988. Deathstalker (John Allen Nelson) is tasked with finding a magical stone owned by the despotic ruler Troxartes. He encounters the twin sister of the princess who gave him the stone (Carla Herd), who is to marry him, and two wild women who give him shelter from Troxartes' men. Deathstalker will have to go up against not only Troxartes, but his crafty mistress Camisarde (Terri Treas) to find the stones and defeat his legendary undead warriors.

Hoo boy, do we have some ripe 80's cheese here. This is the kind of thing Rose loved when we were kids, but usually baffled me. While there are a few fantasy movies from the 80's I've come to enjoy since then (notably Willow and Legend), this definitely isn't one of them. The dialogue is dreadful. The delivery is ridiculously stiff or silly. As the robots point out, Deathstalker is really an egotistical jerk who behaves so badly, it's hard for you to root for him like you should. The action scenes are laughably lacking in, well, action. And there's two earlier films in this series! The movie is a laugh riot even without the robots. Don't come here outside of the Mystery Science Theater episode unless you're a huge fan of sword and sorcery from the 80's or are looking for something so bad, it's hilarious. 

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