Thursday, March 02, 2023

Very Nearly Spring

Got a late start with breakfast and Match Game '75. We get some fairly goofy responses to "Jack of __" and Richard's weird one for "__ Moose" in the Audience Matches. There's also the jokes about what happens when Snow White goes camping, and Richard's bad Marlon Brando imitation for a Godfather question.

Spent the next few hours watching Lady Sings the Blues. I go further into this biography of troubled jazz singer Billie Holliday and the debut film of Diana Ross at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Finished my crocheting project, but...darn it, it's still curling upwards. I started another round place mat. Hopefully, this one will go much better.

After I got bored with that, I took down the winter decorations and put up what I have for spring and St. Patrick's Day. I know the calendar says we have three weeks before spring starts, but...well, it hasn't really been much of a winter here since we had that cold snap around Christmas. I pulled out Lily the Duck, Willow the Caterpillar, Shari the Lamb, and Stuffy the Bunny, along with a Beanie Baby shamrock print bear and two small baskets of fabric flowers and a flower-print tin. Hung my lilac-trimmed spring wreath on my door and the emerald-green St. Patrick's Day tinsel garland on my window. 

Did some job research next. Most of the big companies they have listed are tech, science, or law firms. One is shedding job, the other two don't seem to be hiring in this area. I think next, I'll start looking for companies to work for that might interest me, like book publishers or small music labels.

Worked on writing for a bit after that. Richard tries to be interested without looking like it as Betty explains how Match-Up wasn't always so violent. The bandits invaded after the railroad decided it wanted to build a right-of-way through the town's land. Many people have been driven off, and others fear for their lives.

Put on Match Game Syndicated while eating dinner. Patty Duke, Bill Daily, and Donna Pescow try to help with "__ Leave," but no one really gets the answer for that Audience Match. They have more luck with "Hooray for __." Bob Barker and Gene Rayburn spend most of the second episode ogling nubile young Charlene Tilton of Dallas

Finished the night with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mitchell was the last movie Joel did before he was replaced by Mike. Jon Don Baker plays a slovenly cop who pursues mob hit men in the chopped-up TV version of an already-badly-received 1975 police action drama. Even Joel and the robots notice Baker's mumbling performance and that one of the major villains vanishes towards the end without explanation. (His gristly death was cut from the TV print.) 

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