Sunday, March 05, 2023

Winning Games

I got so caught up reading The Paper Magician this morning, I barely had the time for breakfast and changing before hurrying out! At least I got an Uber driver in six minutes. I made it to work with five minutes to spare. 

I should have stayed at home. Work was a pain in the rear. Not only were we busy almost the entire day, often with lines down the aisles, but I was pulled to sweep and do carts mid-way through. The afternoon and night baggers called out. I had no help and couldn't keep up with the carts, and fell even more behind after I had to clean up two broken items in a row. I didn't even get to the sweeping at one point, and we're supposed to sweep every hour on the hour. 

I suspect at least part of the reason for the crowds was the gorgeous weather we had today. It was sunny, breezy, and in the upper 40's-lower 50's, without a cloud in the gentle blue sky. Nicest weather we've had in ages. 

Needless to say, I was tired, sore, and not real happy when I finally finished. I couldn't get an Uber for 14 minutes, either. At least the guy was really nice when he did arrive and got me home in less than 5 minutes.

Went straight upstairs and into dinner and tonight's Match Game marathon. In honor of the Oscars next Sunday and the Oscar Winners marathon on Buzzr this week, Match Game Productions did episodes featuring Emmy winners this week. From Patty Duke (who won for the TV version of The Miracle Worker) to Richard Dawson and Bert Convy (who won as game show hosts) and Betty White (who won for The Mary Tyler Moore Show), we get the best of TV's finest award-winners! 

I continued the theme with a few more episodes on my own. Patty Duke was arguably the best-known star at the time to be a semi-regular on Match Game. She had her good and bad moments on the show, but one undeniable highlight was when Gene let her host a question in an episode from 1977. She really seemed to get into it, too. I'm surprised she never got to try it again. 

What's My Line hosted many Oscar and Emmy winners over the years. I went with an episode from 1964 featuring Barbra Streisand, just prior to her breakout role in the original Broadway Funny Girl. Also in this episode, we get two TV weather people, one male, one female, with the same first and last name, and the panel really got a bang out of a man who made nitroglycerin. 

I've Got a Secret had fun with award show ceremonies in general. Arlene Francis crossed over from Line to practice for the Emmys by giving out statuettes (named "The Garrys") to the Secret panel. The twist was, they had no idea what they won beforehand, or who won what. I thought what Bill Cullen won for was rather sweet (and amusing, given he was also hosting the original The Price Is Right at the time). Henry Morgan's category was absolutely hysterical. 

Whoopi Goldberg anchored the late 90's revival of Hollywood Squares from its beginning through 2002, usually taking over the center square. I always looked forward to this one when I was in college, a randy breath of fresh air switching from the much calmer Jeopardy! Here, Goldberg is joined by Martin Mull, Bruce Villanch, Judge Judy, Brian Austin Green, and Marlon and Shawn Wayans, among others. 

See if you can play along with some of the great award winners of the past!

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