Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Way Out West

Began the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Space Captain Donald" is very angry when Minnie accidentally bounces Pluto's ball clear to the moon, and he can't have his turn to bounce it. He leads the expedition to retrieve it from Moon dwellers Pete, Chip, and Dale.

Looked up colleges in New Jersey with library science degrees. Stockton is actually one of the few universities in New Jersey that doesn't have it. As a teen, I also considered Montclair and Monmouth up north, and the almost-as-close College of New Jersey in Trenton. College of New Jersey wound up being my second choice when the two North Jersey M schools proved too far to get  home on the weekends and too expensive. There's also Rampapo, William Patterson, and Rutgers New Brunswick. 

Switched to writing around 12:30. Richard quickly hides himself and Esmerelda in the shack. From the outside, it looks barely big enough for the two of them. When he takes a look around, he discovers old maps of the area, some abandoned cloth and mining equipment...and a hole in the back of the cliff...

Broke for lunch at 2 PM. Ate and got ready for work while watching Charlie & Lola. Lola wonders "But Where Completely Are We?" when Charlie takes her "exploring" in the back yard. It's exciting at first, as they set up a tent and imagine they're in the jungle...but then it starts raining. Lola wants to go in, but Charlie would rather keep exploring. They finally come up with a dry solution that makes them both happy.

No trouble getting to or from work today. The guy going to the Acme picked me up in 8 minutes; the one coming home got me in 6. In the case of the latter, I was even able to admire a lovely blue and pink sunset. 

As it turned out, I could have been infinitely late. We were dead almost the entire afternoon. It didn't even really pick up much during rush hour. We even had plenty of help. It's the middle of the week and the middle of a month without much going on to begin with besides March Madness. Not to mention, there was the gorgeous, sunny, 60-degree weather. It was too nice for shopping. The only reason I was almost late getting out was because no one seemed to know whether I had a relief or not. The other guy went in for the lady in express. 

Went straight home and into Match Game Syndicated. Gene initially isn't impressed by how the audience responds to a question about how a mean eye doctor put his patient's contact lenses in, until they nearly yell his ear off! Meanwhile, Charles complains about the bell that sounds when they get an answer right sounding different, the others try to figure out "__ Jump" in the Audience Match, and Judy Landers does much better than you might think with "__ Gravy" in the Head-to-Head. Richard Paul gets to play a round with the audience to see which of them can pick up fifty dollars.

Finished out the night online with another B-western, The Phantom Rancher. Ken Mitchell (Ken Mayard) comes home to his uncle's ranch, only to find his uncle dead under mysterious circumstances. Most of the county believes his uncle tried to driver farmers off their land, but it was really the work of the respected Collins (Ted Adams). The farmers, including pretty Ann Markham (Dorothy Short), believe that since his uncle was driving people off his land, he must be, too. Ken seemingly joins Collins and his gang, but he really dresses in a mask and cape and calls himself The Phantom Rancher to expose Collins and sabotage his plans.

An interesting Zorro-as-a-cowboy story is brought down by the cheap production and Mayard being a bit over-the-hill for this sort of swashbuckling. Harry Harvey as Joe, the old codger foreman for Ann, has his moments, but this is mostly interesting to those of you who love masked hero stories like me. 

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