Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rain and Magic

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. Lola claims "I am Completely Listening and Also Hearing," but she doesn't listen to the instructions when Charlie reads the manual on how to build their new puppet show, and it falls apart. That's not the only time Lola doesn't listen. She forgets her umbrella and gets wet, gets paint on her elephant puppet, and loses his ear. She finally gets the message about the importance of listening to directions when she mishears the time for a friend's party and misses it. She's now ready to listen to her brother and put the puppet show together the right way.

Worked on writing for a little bit before work. Richard emerges from the cave with his pony Esmerelda just outside of town. He studies the maps on the way home and realizes they're of the area and the mines around the caves. They could be useful for him if he's going to stop the Wild Rider Gang without losing his life like the previous sheriff...

I would have been calling Uber, even if my ankle was fine. The weather was terrible today. It rained off and on all day. Thankfully, it was in a lull when I went to and from work. Left a little bit early to pick up lunch; they arrived in 4 minutes. Took 9 minutes to get home late and after another storm.

Work was a royal pain in the rear. If we weren't dead, we were busy with long lines and no help. At least ten people either went on vacation, quit, or decided they'd rather focus on their studies or spring break. I couldn't do anything right, especially in the express line. I just get so nervous! I never know what people are going to say or do, and I just can't get the right words to come out of my mouth. It's so embarrassing. 

Not happy with my schedule this week, either. In good news, more hours and two days off in a row, one for my physical check-up. In frustrating news, I have two 8 hour days and three late days, none of which I'm looking forward to. I'd give anything for a more consistent schedule!

Went straight upstairs and into dinner after I got home. Finished the night with the second My Little Pony: The Movie from 2017. I go further into the film based around the Pony series Friendship Is Magic at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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