Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Signs of Spring

Started off the morning with breakfast and Match Game '75. Started off with the tail end of that year's Christmas Eve episode. The gentleman who owns a hotel in Encino (prompting many jokes from Brett and Gene) does equally well with "G.I __" in the Audience Match. Richard's then-girlfriend Jody Donovan sits next to him in the ingenue seat in the next episode...and he's not too happy when Gene plants that "new kid on the block" kiss on her!

Worked on looking up library science programs in New Jersey for the next hour. My two biggest concerns are the time and the cost. I don't want to spend 20 years paying for school again, and I don't want to spend four years taking classes and living in an attic. New Jersey colleges are expensive. And if I do take classes, they have to be useful ones that will lead me to landing a decent job, not something that won't do anything for me. 

At least counseling went better. Mrs. Stahl likes that Karen is taking it slow. I just wish I knew where to go next. I need a job, but I also need to find a home of my own, and I don't even know where I really want to live. I want to be some kind of librarian, curator, or archivist, but how can I become those things, take those classes, get out of the Acme, and still buy a small dwelling of my own? 

At least some things are going well. I'm considering taking a weekend off to visit my mom, brother, his wife, and their baby daughter down in Virginia sometime this summer. Maybe. It's not the train ride that concerns me. It's finding a hotel. They live in a tiny apartment, and I doubt they have room for visitors. I haven't stayed in a hotel since I went up to Queens in 2001 for a Remember WENN convention. 

And I'm glad I bought Kit. Collecting for the American Girl dolls makes me happy. Just seeing the dolls on their bench when I get home always cheers me up. I've been wanting to buy her for years, but I never got to it until now. I'm glad I found Barbara Jean last year, too. I've wanted a vintage 18-20 inch 50's or 60's doll to be an older sister to the AGs for years. 

After we made our appointment and I finally got off the computer, I had lunch while watching Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Nice and Friendly Corners is usually too nice and friendly for bad guys, but there were three especially nasty ones in these episodes. "How the Water Was Won" has Sheriff Callie trading herself for Peck, Toby, and Mr. Dillow when they try to stop Jolene and Jethro Beaver from damming up the creek and forcing them to give up their gold. It's up to ever-fearful Mr. Dillow to come up with the best way to save Callie and catch those bandits. It's "Double Trouble" when Tricky Travis dresses himself as bandit Wildcat McGraw in order to get the reward. He seriously regrets it when McGraw thinks he's a real wildcat and decides to make him his new partner!

It was also too nice to sit inside and do nothing, despite my sore ankle. The weather was sunny, breezy, and in the lower 60's. I finally went to a short walk to WaWa. They were surprisingly quiet for 4:30 in the afternoon. I had no trouble buying a soft pretzel and a small chocolate banana smoothie. 

There's signs of spring all over the neighborhood. Every lawn sports fresh, new green grass. Brilliant yellow daffodils waved in gardens. Houses had flowery or Easter wreathes on their doors, or Sixers and Phillies banners flapping on poles or wires. I saw a family with small children and a large, happy dog playing in the sunshine as I passed them. 

Went straight into writing and resting my ankle when I got home. Richard and Esmerelda hide in a small shack leaning against a cliff side. It's little more than three walls and a roof against the cut rock side, but it's shelter, and large enough for Esmerelda. There's even a small cave in the back, with maps to the mines that must have originally belonged to the owner of the shack.

Broke for dinner at 7. Watched Match Game Syndicated while I worked on crocheting and ate dinner. I turned it on just in time to see a lovable older British woman who wrote poetry win the round. The others try to help her with "__ Jackson," but it doesn't work out so well. Patty Duke gets the last word - or hand sign - in the next episode when Brett and Debralee toss out their dueling Mae West impressions on a question. They try to get Patty to read the question too, so she does - in sign language, which she was fluent in after doing The Miracle Worker twice. 

Finished the night online celebrating spring break season with Where the Boys Are. I go further into the original 1960 version of this seminal comedy-drama about four young women whose lives change while on their vacation in Ft. Lauderdale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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