Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Afternoon Delight

I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at work, which was soooooo sloooooowwww. Except for the noon rush hour, work was dead as a doornail and not getting any busier when I left around 3:30. It was boring, which was kind of nice, in a way - there were no problems and no unusually annoying customers. (And a sign on the time clock at work says the store is going to be clamping down on the people who repeatedly show up late or constantly switch their schedule. About time! That's why I only have one job. If one job constantly makes you late for the other job, it's time to give up one job or the other.)

I worked early today and was able to spend my afternoon doing things I'd much rather do. After I got home, I changed my shirt and went right back out again to run some errands and enjoy the beautiful 60-degree weather. I headed to Family Dollar for mouthwash and Fig Newtons, then went to WaWa to treat myself to a Cherry-Chocolate Coke Zero from the soda fountain with those great flavored syrups. I wasn't the only person out and about. Mothers pushed their toddlers in strollers. Teenagers and pre-teens strolled in groups or chatted over picnic tables. Their younger siblings ran around front yards and rode Power Wheels or Little Tyke foot-powered cars.

There are signs of spring all over Oaklyn. The trees now have the first buds of spring; even the smallest tree has buds. Daffodils and tiny purple crocuses have popped up everywhere. New green grass can be seen under dry, dormant shoots. I saw a gorgeous cardinal and a few robins on my porch this morning. I tried to get a picture of Mr. Cardinal, but he chickened out and flew away before I could snap it.

After I got home, I did yoga before my dinner of Easter leftovers. I wish I was doing better with Yoga. I can't seem to focus. I still can't sit on my knees for more than a few seconds without some pain. I have absolutely no sense of balance. I keep falling over when I do the standing poses. I've never been very good at relaxing. I just can't let go of everything in my mind.

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