Sunday, March 02, 2008

All The Lonely People

Sometimes, I wish I were better about parties. I did go to the baby shower for Uncle Ken's girlfriend Dolores' family. I didn't know what to buy for the expecting mother, so I brought a French Vanilla cake. They had just finished opening the mountains of shower gifts when I walked in the door. There was still some food left; I had delicious meatballs and sauce, sugar cookies with frosting "M"s piped on them, caramel chocolates, slices of cheese and melon, crackers, and spinach and cheese dips. I still felt awkward, though. I don't know Dolores' relatives very well. Thank goodness Vanessa and Brittany were there, along with Blake and his siblings.

Work was a pain today, busy all day long, with at least one register that broke down. (I've had three registers in the last month suddenly die on me. I really wish they'd replace the darn things, or at least repair them better.)

And the zip disk that held almost all of my fiction work - all of my regular stories, fanfiction, notes for our Monkees Role-Play, and story ideas - absolutely refused to work tonight. I don't know why. I worked fine when I saved the last part of our Monkees story to it Friday night. I haven't touched it since then. I don't know what I did. I must be doing something wrong or have pushed the wrong button. I've tried everything I can think of. I've pulled it out and put it in. I've reset the computer and restarted the computer. I've searched for the files on my computer. The other zip disk with my inventories, budgets, and resumes works fine.

I'm so upset. I can copy most of the older stories from the CDs I made back in October, but I've lost anything I've worked on recently, including any Monkee Role Plays done since then. :(


Linda said...

Unfortunately, disks just die. For no reason, nothing that you did. No electronic media is foolproof; they were talking about that in the tech column of our paper yesterday. Even homemade DVDs have only an expected life of 5 years. You should keep your data in at least two places. It's also possible the cable that connects your computer to the zip drive went bad. We have zip disks we haven't used in ten years. Why not use the flash drives you have?

Emma said...

What's flash drives?