Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Dam Burst Forth

I got lucky twice today. It was cloudy and damp but not raining when I went to work around 10AM. It rained for about two minutes while I was on the road, then stopped, and I got to the Acme more-or-less dry. It rained hard off and on all day, according to my customers and co-workers, but by the time I got out around 5, it was sunny and still. There were lots of clouds on the horizon, though, and despite the assurance of the girl who was my relief that the storms were over, I suspected there was more to come.

Less than an hour after I got home, the wind picked up until it howled like a dying creature and the rain gushed over my porch. My tin trash can was blown over. The air conditioner cover was (again) blown off my porch. (I'm not looking forward to chasing after them.) I heard a loud "thump" on my roof - I'll check for any large downed branches tomorrow. (As long as they don't end up in my apartment, I don't think I need to check tonight.)

Work was generally fine, off-and-on busy thanks to the off-and-on weather. There were a few obnoxious customers, especially towards the end of the day. One fellow complained that his Acme sale card wasn't getting him any sales, ignoring the fact that he hadn't BOUGHT anything on sale with the card! Though the woman after him was nicer, she just had to split her larger order into two in order to use two $10 off gift certificates she could have used at any time.

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