Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Clouds Will Soon Roll By

At least, I hope. I was called in today. Donna called at 7:30 and asked me if I could come in at 9. Uh, no. I was still in bed! I finally said I'd do 11 to 5, which I did. It turned out to be steady-to-dead, with no major problems. (I had the feeling three days off in a row were too good to be true...)

Unfortunately for my plans for the week, the weather does NOT look good. It's supposed to be rainy and windy tomorrow...the day I wanted to go to the Deptford Mall. I may go to the Cherry Hill Mall instead - fewer stores around it, there's a lot of construction going on over there, and as one of the area's largest and oldest malls, the layout can be confusing. On the other hand, I can walk to a bus stop at the Audubon Acme and just take a bus there instead of a bus and train to Deptford, and if the weather's going to be lousy, I won't be doing a lot of walking anyway. We'll see what happens.

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