Saturday, March 29, 2008

How To Nurse A Sick Raccoon

Spent most of today at work. It was on-and-off busy, but there were a lot of big, 200 and 300 dollar orders. I'm assuming many people are stocking up after vacation and Easter week. I also had a rather nice surprise in the break room early this afternoon. Three of our managers are being transferred to other stores, and the other managers wished them "Good Luck" with a sheet cake the approximate size of Texas. I was lucky enough to have my break right when they were beginning to slice it. (I did miss the pizza, though.)

After dinner and a shower, I went online and tended to my WebKinz. I play my WebKinz in turns, since I have 20 of them. Tonight was my raccoon Sundance's turn at bat. I left him in the garden after we watered and weeded it and played two games of DiceKinz. When I came back, I discovered, to my dismay, a green raccoon. WebKinz can't die, but they CAN get sick, and my poor boy was definitely sick. Dr. Quack claimed it was "the sniffles" and gave him medicine, but I'll bet he nosed around in the trash when my back was turned and ate something that didn't agree with him. I bought him some oranges, apples, and grapefruit and played some puzzles with him, and that seemed to make him better.

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