Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sudden Spring Showers

It rained on and off all morning, including while I did the laundry. Poor Dad is back to feeling lousy again. (Jodie says she thinks the long drive to Karen and Jim's on Easter Day took a lot out of him.) I left him to Showtime and TCM and read Zorro and did pilates instead. It was still raining when I went home, but thankfully, by the time I headed out to work, the rain had stopped and it was sunny.

Work was on-and-off busy, more than yesterday if still not quite as much as normal. (Most people seem to either have gone on vacation or are broke after the holiday.) We really only had long lines because we're low on help, thanks to myriad vacations this week and a simple lack of people scheduled.

It was cloudy but still not raining when I headed home. There were police cars on the Black Horse Pike when I got to the Kendall Boulevard ramp. I made my way carefully around them. I wonder why they were there? They didn't look like they were chasing anyone, and if there was an accident, they cleaned up after it awfully well, because there was no traffic.

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