Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Girl Lost

I spent the morning watching Sailor Moon R, taking down Easter decorations, putting away the small Easter basket Dad made for me, and finally adding all those new records I've bought in the past few months to my inventory. The second half of the R season involves the Sailor Soliders trying to fight off a menace from the future, while Darien (Serena's boyfriend/partner in crime-fighting) thinks she's in danger and pushes her away to save her. (Typical macho guy won't talk about the problem and waits until the last minute to tell Serena he's been having nightmares about losing her.) Around the same time, a little girl almost literally falls out of the sky. Rini is obstinate, spoiled, and obnoxious around Serena but generally lovable around everyone else. She's after Serena's crystal that gives her powers in order to save her mother in the future.

I'm beginning to understand why a lot of Sailor Moon fans don't like Rini. Lord, she is a brat in these episodes! If you've never seen her in the third and fourth seasons (where she's a bit older and mellowed out), you'd think she's like this all the time. I understand the kid is lost, scared, alone, and in foreign time period, but there's no need for her to take it out on Serena. I know what it's like to be alone a lot, even as a kid Rini's age. Actually, Rini reminds me a bit of my sister Anny. Anny used to drive me just as crazy when she was little, but if it's any consolation to Serena and Rini, we get along just fine now. Maybe that's why Rini doesn't bother me as much as she does other people. I went through a lot of this in real life (without the monsters). ;)

Work was busier than the past few days up through the 4PM rush hour, after which it was dead. Just as well; I had shopping to do and a paycheck to pick up. Business should improve this weekend and next week as we hit the beginning of the month and people need to stock up after Easter and vacations.

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