Sunday, March 09, 2008

Going Out

Spent this morning doing little things on my computer (like updating my DVD inventories), listening to the Brunch With The Beatles show on WOGL (songs released in the spring was today's theme), and making my annual Sunday call to the family. I only got Dad this time. Keefe was out with friends, and Mom was just out. She'd apparently caught a nasty bug from my little nephew Skylar and spent most of the weekend doubled over with the flu. Dad himself was fine; he sounded great. He's finally taking Mom's years of fussing about his health seriously after seeing his weight climb to 280 and had just gotten home from the gym.

The rest of the afternoon wasn't nearly as pleasant. Work was busy until the last half-hour of my shift and a royal pain in the rear. People were obnoxious. People were rude. One woman actually cursed at me and Marlene the manager when we told her she couldn't get two of of the 3 24-packs of Pepsi for $12 sale on one order. It's a store rule. They really do need to start emphasizing the "one per order" rule in the ads and on the aisle, though, especially since that particular sale is all week. Another man got mad when I couldn't round up his order on the debit card and accidentally gave him 35 dollars instead of rounding it to 35. I'm sorry folks, I don't make the rules, I just follow them!

I needed to eat out after that. I changed my shirt and went next-door to Applebee's. I don't often eat there - they're expensive and, between the bar and catering to families, noisy - but I'd done Tu Se Bella Pizzeria twice in the past two months when I wanted to eat out after work and wanted something different. Besides, Applebee's is right next to the Acme/Rite Aid building, an almost literal stone's throw away. Though I was stuck between two families, the kids behaved and I managed to have a lovely dinner of Roast Turkey and Bacon with Swiss cheese and cranberry chutney on Ciabatta bread and fries.

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