Friday, March 14, 2008

Clean As A Whistle

I finally finished this month's cleaning today. Did the windows, aired out the rag rug in today's gorgeous 60-degree weather, vacuumed (the kitchen was REALLY bad), and dusted. I'll do a more thorough job next month when I do my major spring cleaning, but at least everything looks a lot better than it did. I'll get the rest of the spring decorations up tomorrow and go to the bank.

I also heard from the dentist's office. My claim went through. I'll still have to pay for part of it, but paying for half is better than paying for the whole darn thing. And the poor lady was so apologetic for spilling coffee on the papers! That's ok, I can always get new ones from the union.

Work was on-and-off and not really a problem, other than one of the kids called out (according to one girl, he'd forgotten to tell the store about baseball practice) and I ended up staying a half-hour later. My ride to work was lovely - there was barely a breeze.

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