Monday, March 31, 2008

"March Goes In Like A Lion..."

...And out like...well, if not like a lamb, at least a bit more like spring. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at work. Today was a rare early day, 8:30AM-2:30PM. Thankfully, it was steady enough for most of that time that it didn't drag. Most people were either stocking up for the week or preparing for tonight's Phillies home opener against the Washington Nationals. (Who creamed them, BTW, 11-6.)

It began to sprinkle slightly while I rode to work, and it sprinkled slightly on my way home. It apparently showered on-and-off in between, though it was dry enough for me to run some errands after I got home and changed my shirt. I dropped Sailor Moon R off at Dad's for Jessa, went to the bank, and headed down to CVS for some OralGel and, since they had them cheap, ended up getting eggs there as well. It started to rain harder on my way back from CVS and has been doing so on-and-off for the rest of the evening.

Yes, my tooth is acting up again. While not sensitive to heat or cold this time (I can drink my morning tea and eat chilled fruit with no problems), I can't bite down on that tooth without pain. I'm scared. The dentist said if the tooth still hurt when I went to my second appointment with her this Saturday, I may have to get a root canal. Painful and expensive (even with insurance). I would prefer to avoid that. I'm just hoping my gums are sore or maybe something's wrong with the filling.

Oh, and I tried something different tonight. I made yeast rolls for the first time, using a Wheat-Molasses-Oat Bread recipe from my Live Longer Cookbook, adding the last of the maraschino cherries leftover from my Pineapple-Upside-Down Cake mess. I'll make a glaze tomorrow and serve them as a mildly sweet roll for breakfast. Unlike the cake, they came out just fine and smelled divine when they were in the oven.

I also finished off More Silly Symphonies while the rolls were in the oven. My favorites will always be the holiday classics The Night Before Christmas and Santa's Workshop. I'd had both uncut on the Walt Disney Christmas video I picked up from the Blockbuster in Wildwood, but the video is so old and in such lousy shape that it's nice to have better copies. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood was another rare stand-out. I've NEVER seen it uncut, certainly not on the Disney Channel, so this was a rare treat. (I kinda liked the Marx Brothers playing piano with Fats Waller.)

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