Thursday, March 13, 2008

Signs of Spring

It was a beautiful day in Camden County. I really regret agreeing to go into work. For one thing, except during the usual 4PM rush hour, they didn't really need me, anyway. Second, it turns out the girl who called me in never told anyone who works in the morning, so no one knew I was coming in and I was not scheduled, despite having been called in last week. Third, I'm getting very sick of these obnoxious people. I hate working on Thursdays. It's the last day of our sales, and people get so confused when they start to put up the new prices! One guy thought the Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free was 10 for 10 dollars. The bottles were in the wrong place; there were so many of them, some of them ended up in the empty space where Mug Root Beer should have been. Mug, of course, was what was on sale. And of course, he didn't buy them, and we had a cart full of soda sitting around. It's amazing how people throw a fit over flavored carbonated water they're not really supposed to drink that much of anyway!

At least my rides to work were pleasant. I saw daffodils just beginning to pop up in lawns and a whole flock of robins. It was sunny, in the mid-50s, and a little on the windy side but not horrible.

I enjoyed a nice lunch with Uncle Ken and Dolores while my laundry was in the dryer, too. We chatted and made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Poor Dad just had surgery last week and isn't feeling too well. He was downstairs long enough to make a crab salad before going back upstairs.

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