Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Little Adventure

Began a bright, sunny morning with breakfast and Body Language. Scott Cohen just can't catch a break. Once again, Malcom Jamal-Warner's contestant got almost all of the puzzles right...and this time, they were able to easily act out the Bonus Round clues and win $7,000 too. At least Cohen got to show off his nifty unicorn baseball cap. Blockbusters didn't move nearly that fast. A young woman and a brother-sister team spent the entire show playing three rounds; I think the woman champ finally won in the end.

Made the bed next. The sheet's been falling off again. Loaded another empty crate with a few more stuffed animals, too. I just don't have enough room on my two mattresses for all of them. They keep ending up on the floor in the middle of the night.

I've debated on and off whether I wanted to have an adventure. There was a record shop in Somerdale called Sun Valley Records that looked interesting. I hardly need more records, but it's been a long time since I've had an outing. Besides, it said online that the shop also carried used CDs and DVDs. I thought it was worth checking out. I'm tired of sitting inside. I spent the entire winter sitting inside. Needed to do something, even just browsing around records.

Made it to City Hall in Oaklyn just in time to catch the bus. Got off at the Taco Bell and the back of the giant Wal Mart. I planned on strolling down to the shop...but it was a lot further down the Pike than I believed. It took me more than 20 minutes just to make it past laundromats, pizza parlors, and sketchy convenience stores just to get to a huge WaWa. After I picked up a banana smoothie and a pretzel, I stopped in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts to see if I was going the right way. I was. The record shop was another three blocks down. 

Sun Valley Records was far more "hipster" than the stores in Collingswood and Westmont. Though I did see some hip-hop and vocalists mixed in, their specialty seems to be heavy metal and every form of rock imaginable, from alternative to progressive. Most of the records and CDs were new and expensive, but they did have used DVDs, along with candles and incense. The place smelled like a head shop. I've seen the Soap spin-off Benson around, but not the original show. I bought the first three seasons on DVD for 2.98 each and The She-Ra He-Man Christmas Special for a dollar. 

It took longer to get home than it did to get to Somerdale. It was 2:30 when I left, and traffic on the White Horse Pike was already backed up, especially around Barrington, Lawnside, and Haddon Heights. I didn't get off until past 3.

I could hear giggling and laughter from the pool when I arrived home. Jodie came out and said the kids were swimming for the first time this year. Oh, and the floors now won't be done until Saturday. Jodie's staying with a neighbor until then. 

She also handed me a package that came in the mail. The last American Girl Cooking Studio book I wanted, Molly's Cooking Studio, finally arrived after being stuck in Virginia for more than a month. 

Watched Tattletales while I had a snack. Soul singer Dionne Warwick and her then-husband Bill Elliot join Gary Burghoff and his sweet (and very pregnant) then-wife Janet and Britishers Lynn Redgrave and Jack Clark here. Elliot and Warwick came from behind on the last few questions to be the day's big winners.

Worked on writing after I got in. Brett's crying and huge form startles Bill (Daily) the White Rabbit, who drops his fan and gloves on the dry part of the floor. Brett discovers that flapping the fan makes her smaller...small enough to crash-land in her own tears. She swims out an air duct and into the green countryside, where she finds two chatty animals also caught in the pool, Sarah (Kennedy) the Mouse and Jimmie (Walker) the Dodo. The two lead her to shore, assuring her that they have a surefire method for getting dry...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had spicy Chipolte Wild Salmon with Waldorf Salad from Molly's Cooking Studio for dinner while watching Match Game '76. Both episodes tonight were among the best of the year. The second episode had Brett calling for her glasses while Gene deals with an especially noisy and unruly audience.

Cleaned up as Match Game PM came on. Hans Conried (the original voice of the Disney Captain Hook and later voice of the Grinch, among others) and Sarah Kennedy joined Betty White and the regulars help a Marine pilot figure out what old Mrs. Perkins collects at the home. Richard tosses out a nice imitation of Groucho Marx for "A Night __." 

Sale of the Century was another close one. Once again, everyone bought or won something, and no one really got ahead of anyone else. The Speed Round came down to the last question; the one guy pushed ahead. He got the Bonus Round on the last question, too. 

Finished the night at TCM with The Belle of New York. I go further into this romantic turn of the century fantasy featuring Fred Astaire and Vera Ellen at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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