Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Matches

Began my Memorial Day with a quick breakfast and two more war shorts. The Pink Panther finds himself in Vietnam without a clue in "G.I Pink." Land mines, cranky drill sergeants, and impossible obstacle courses make him wish he'd stayed home. Mickey Mouse didn't figure into many World War II shorts, but he did do one war cartoon in 1929, "The Barnyard Battle." He has to lead his platoon of skinny rubber-hose mice against a whole hoard of big Hun cats!

Headed to work shortly after the cartoon ended. Other than getting stuck in the register for an hour around 11 because we just didn't have enough help and rounding up recycling, I was outside almost the entire day. Both afternoon baggers called out; they were teenage boys who probably wanted to spend their holiday off with their buddies. Thankfully, the evening bagger did come in (early, in fact), and they recruited another guy from stocking to help me with the carts.

At least it was a gorgeous day for doing outside work. It started out cool, windy, and cloudy again. While the wind never really went away, the clouds started breaking up around 10. By the time I finished work, the sun was out, the day was warm, and the sky was clear as a bluebell. The nice day cleared out our customers, too. Though it never died completely, it was far less busy later in the day than it was in early afternoon.

Hurried home, changed, had a quick leftovers dinner, and spent most of the rest of the night icing up my now black-and-blue toe and watching the Match Game Memorial Day Marathon on YouTube. Match Game Productions put together any episodes featuring service men and women as contestants, from the older Army sergeant with the unusual feathered eyebrows to the eager young Air Force officer who was so delighted when Eva Gabor won her money, he accidentally kicked her toe and broke her toenail. There was also the Army officer who went up against a mother with an exceptionally noisy scream and the Marine chief petty officer who kept getting caught in tiebreakers.

Honor those who fought for our country and to keep the world safe for matching with this hilarious marathon!

Saw Rose outside with her crew and the local kids at one point, getting ice cream from the Mr. Softee truck. Limped out to say "hi." Khai slurped noisily at a vanilla cone with sprinkles. Finley apparently loved the Batman sherbet popsicle with gumball eyes. The other kids jokingly said her face looked like a Smurf after consuming the blue and white superheroic treat. The kids chatted about school and whether they intended to go tomorrow; some of their parents (included Rose) wanted to keep the weekend going and take them out to the zoo or park to enjoy the lovely weather. 

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