Thursday, May 06, 2021

Super Spring Afternoon

Started off my morning with breakfast and new Muppet Babies on Disney Now. I never expected Disney to dig so far into the Muppet archives for a new character...but I believe Jill, the know-it-all girl frog who debuts in "A Very Sticker Situation," is based after the female frog advertising executive from Muppets Take Manhattan. She claims she's a "big girl" and doesn't need help organizing Nanny's sticker book, but ends up needing the kids anyway when she gets stuck on a cloud. Jill does a "Boo Boo Bamboozle" when she pretends to have a hurt ankle in order to get attention from the others.

Caught a bit of To Tell the Truth before I left. They had to figure out which of three teenagers, two boys and a girl, was mauled by a shark and lived to tell the tale. Alas, I didn't have the time to see who it was before I had to rush off to work.

Work mostly went very well. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, breezy, bright blue, and in the mid 60's. Who wants to go grocery shopping on a perfect spring day? We did get some long lines around noon, and I got stuck doing various little errands while the carts were empty. Thankfully, I managed to get back out and finish them. The head manager was around for most of the morning, too. Headed out before the evening rush hour could get really bad.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road and Atlantic Avenue. It was too nice not to! Everything is so green now. The leaves on the trees grow fatter and greener every day. Gardens overflow with velvety purple irises and pale frilly peonies. Nicholson Road was busy with people out for a pleasant drive after work.

There was a package awaiting me when I got home. I finally got Television Game Show Hosts from eBay. I've enjoyed the game show host biographies so much, I figured I might as well read shorter bios on everyone else I've watched on Buzzr and YouTube. Familiar faces profiled here include Monty Hall (Let's Make a Deal, Split Second), Jack Narz (Concentration), Tom Kennedy (Body Language, Wordplay), Bob Eubanks (Card Sharks '86, The Newlywed Game), Alex Trebek (Classic Concentration, Jeopardy!) and Jim Perry (Card Sharks '78, Sale of the Century). 

(I still have one eBay item I'm waiting on. I ordered Molly's Cooking Studio on my birthday. It was supposed to have arrived last week, and it hasn't appeared yet. The tracking claims it's still in Virginia! I'll call the post office tomorrow or Monday and find out if they lost it. Everything else has arrived.)

Watched Press Your Luck while I changed and had a snack. Everyone won money in a relatively subdued first half, hitting only one Whammy. Things didn't pick up until the second round. It came down to the other man and the one woman. She ended up winning by 2,000 and picked up two trips and a pile of cash.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Revised the opening to start with a short action sequence. We see the terror who attacks the underground literally underground, using weapons that allows him to magnetize anything and pound the ground. The man in the dark hat and cape disappears into the shadows before he can be interviewed...emerging as Richard Dawson...

Put on Match Game '79 while eating a quick leftovers dinner. Charles and Brett spend the entire episode sniping at each other, including jokes about how long they take to write their answers. Charles' "acting" when his answer turns up on the Audience Match prompts Gene to give him the question holder stand as a "trophy."

Let Match Game PM run as I began dusting the apartment. A noisy and enthusiastic audience added a lot of vitality to this episode, cheering on every weird answer. The game was pretty good, too. It eventually came down to a tie breaker. Once they settled that, they could make jokes about Caesar __ and The Devil __ on the Audience Match. 

Finished the cleaning as Buzzr continued into Sale of the Century. We had another close game between two gentlemen and a lady who'd been on the show before, but lost to a technicality. The lady bought both Instant Bargains; the other man won the Instant Cash and the Fame Game. She jumped ahead by one question and won the Speed Round, but just couldn't get the Bonus Round.

Ended the night online. Allen Ludden made a rather strange Perry White in the 1975 TV version of the It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman. I reviewed the copy currently on YouTube for my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

I used to love the 1988 Ruby Spears Superman cartoon when I was a 9-year-old. Watched it every Saturday. I'm so glad it's currently on Tubi. I have a lot of fond memories of this show. Did the first episode, "Destroy the Defendroids" relates somewhat to It's a Bird, It's a Plane. Here, it's Lex Luthor's efficient crime-fighting robots that make Superman look obsolete and force him out of town. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen figure out there's more to this than the robots making Lex look good. "The Adoption" reveals how Johnathan and Martha Kent took Clark in after his powers were too rowdy for most of the parents who came to the orphanage. 

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