Sunday, May 30, 2021

Chilled Spring

Began a gloomy, rainy morning with Strawberry Pancakes and Donald Duck shorts. Donald vaulted past every-mouse Mickey during the war years to become Disney's number one shorts star. He starred in the majority of their war-related shorts, including "Donald Gets Drafted." Swayed by the glamorous new image seen on recruiting posters, Donald joins the Army...then regrets it when Sergeant Pete makes him stand on an anthill. He's desperate to become a pilot in "Sky Trooper." Pete's not happy with his less-than-impressive flight test...and is even less thrilled when he does make it in the air. 

My personal favorite Donald wartime short is "The Vanishing Private." He's supposed to be painting camouflage on a cannon. Pete tells him to make it "hard to see"...which he does, thanks to invisibility paint. Donald ends up in the paint himself...then takes the opportunity to get Pete back and leads him on a merry chase all around the base. 

"Der Fueher's Face" won an Oscar in 1943. Donald finds himself living in Nazi Germany, without food and working on an increasingly frenzied bomb assembly line. When things start leaning into surreal territory and he starts to crack, he finally realizes how important his freedoms are.

Thankfully, the rain slowed to a mild mist by the time I rode to work. Work was much busier than yesterday, with less down time, longer lines, and not as much help. Also had to deal with a few annoying customers. It did slow down enough by 4:30 that I was once again able to leave quickly with no relief.

Went straight home and into writing. Bill ends up going down the chimney to try to get Brett out. She kicks up the chimney, sending him soaring in mid-air! When he lands, not only is he not hurt, but he has an idea for a new song and wants to do it again.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Made Cincinatti Chili while finishing out the Donald Duck shorts. All Donald wants to do is sleep during a hard day of "Fall Out, Fall In," but first he can't set up his tent, then his fellow soldiers keep him awake. Pete catches Donald after a night out on the town, but "The Old Army Game" takes a more disturbing turn when a bomb goes off and they think Donald lost a part of himself. Donald's taking on "Home Defense" as a civilian aircraft spotter. His nephews don't think much of his work, especially when he mistakes a bee for a bomber. "Commando Duck" is sent into the heart of Japan to, wash...out the enemy.

Took out the recycling after dinner. Turned out to go back inside when my foot slid on one of the pieces of slate used on the path and slammed into the concrete steps. Ouch! The second toe on my left foot is now black and blue and very sore. I can move it and walk on it, so I don't think it's broken, but it doesn't feel good, either. 

Put it on ice while watching Superman shorts. Given the tenor of the comics at the time, it was probably inevitable that Superman would fight the Axis on the big screen as well. "The Japoteurs" steal a huge experimental plane...and Lois, who stayed onboard to investigate. Superman has to rescue both and stop the spies, before they make it out of the country. "The Eleventh Hour" is a fairly mature short for the time about Superman sabotaging the Japanese and how they try to stop him. "Jungle Drums" brings in the Nazis as the Man of Steel helps Lois stop a group of spies from using stereotypical natives to hide their anti-aircraft weapons. A beautiful "Secret Agent" gets help from Superman when she needs to get to Washington with plans belonging to a German spy ring.

Took a shower, then switched to YouTube. I enjoyed those Family Feud Armed Services weeks so much on Buzzr, I re-watched the one from 1989 that ran two years ago. The Marines in particular are so damn funny. I didn't know they had such great senses of humor. They cheered on answers good and bad, expertly trash-talked the other teams, and had some of the best lines.

Celebrate Memorial Day with some of the most hilarious officers to ever join the Feud!

Finished the night at Sundance TV for the only episode of Hogan's Heroes currently available there, "Carter Turns Traitor" from Season 3. Carter (Larry Hovis) has to convince the Germans that he's a chemist who is willing to join the other side. Trouble is, someone seems determined to kill him before he can go through with his real mission - learning the location of a new German chemical plant. 

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