Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Tooth of the Matter

I was reading in bed when I heard shuffling in my hall. There shouldn't have been anyone in my hall. Jodie is still out of town. I told the man who came in to please leave and not come in again. He said he wasn't aware I was home. That doesn't matter. He shouldn't be in my apartment at all, whether I'm here or not. They're not working on the floors in here. I also reminded him to tell his friends to leave the electricity alone in the house, including on my side.

Finished reading and writing in my journal, then got dressed and watched Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Goofy designs "The Goofy Race," with silly obstacles for his friends to take part in. He's hoping to impress his race-designing idol Silly Steve. The Happy Helpers are "Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks" when they get rid of Cuckoo-Loca's old clock and buy her a fancy modern one. Cuckoo, though, prefers her original home, sending the trio on a wild search across town to find it.

Switched to Buzzr for Body Language while cleaning up from my eggs and apple. Malcom Jamal-Warner from The Cosby Show and Scott Cohen from The Goonies take part in the show's Teen Month. Cohen got to show off his nifty baseball cap with the fox head and tail, but it did him no good with answering puzzles. Warner's girl answered every puzzle right, though they had a harder time with the bonus rounds.

Headed out shortly after the show ended. My next dental appointment was late this morning. I thought I was going to get a root canal, but the dentist decided that the rotten broken tooth was too far gone to save. I didn't realize how much his yanking it would hurt, though! I screamed when he pulled. He didn't understand why...or why it hurt, even when he claimed it probably wouldn't. And I still need a root canal on my bottom tooth next month, and to talk to the gum doctor.

Wandered around in Dollar Tree and Target a bit after that, just to settle down. I was hoping Target would have lemons, but they were out. I wanted lemons to get the grease off the bottom of my pans. I did pick up soap at Dollar Tree, and water to wash the blood out of my mouth.

Finally went home around 12:30. Watched Match Game '76 while making a Berry-Banana Smoothie for lunch. Lots of cracks at western comedy F-Troop from Richard as an answer to "F __" on the Audience Match. (He called it an imitation of his hit show, Hogan's Heroes.)

Returned to Disney Plus for Bluey. In honor of Jodie recently opening "The Pool," I did the episode where Bluey's dad Bandit takes her and her sister Bingo to her uncle's pool. They're in such a hurry, Dad forgets all their swimming equipment and snacks, which their mom Chili remembers. 

"Trampoline" brought back a lot of memories. Bluey and Bingo try to keep Bandit playing games with them on their trampoline. Like my stepfather, Bandit's archeologist jobs requires him to travel a lot and far. He assures Bluey that she can keep finding fun games to play with her sister, even when he's not there. 

To teach Bluey about the importance of manners, Chili gives her a spear of "Asparagus" that can magically turn the rest of the family into animals. It's all fun and games, until the "animals" wander off from the dinner table and make a mess. Bluey has to figure out how to corral them and change them back.

Called Rose as I put on DC Superhero Girls. It's "#SweetJustice" when Barbara Gordon arrives at school and ends up in detention after a food fight with five other girls, including renown superheroine Wonder Woman. The girls have to figure out how to work together to take down Lex Luthor's building-destroying robots.

I wanted to get my laundry done earlier than planned. She had no trouble with that. I arrived as Rose was pulling Finley's hair into a bun for her ballet class. We watched more Bluey on Disney Junior while her mother searched and searched for bobby pins. Bingo feels left out when Bluey and her new friend Judo play "Butterflies" together. Bluey has to reassure her sister that she doesn't mind her joining them.

Bluey's nervous when Bandit takes her, Bingo, and their border collie friend MacKenzie to "The Creek" to explore. Bluey's not sure about the natural world at first. She's never seen nature beyond her school and backyard. It takes the discovery of a beautiful pond and waterfall to show Bluey how lovely being out in the wild is.

Did Doc McStuffins as I tossed my laundry in the dryer. Doc tells Alma to "Blame It on the Rain" when she leaves her stuffed cow Moo Moo out and she gets soaked. Moo Moo thinks Alma doesn't like her anymore, until Doc wrings her out...and shows her how much Alma misses her. Boomer is normally the bounciest soccer ball at Doc's house, but he becomes "Busted Boomer" when he deflates. Doc has to help him get over his fear of needles, so he can be inflated again.

Puppy Dog Pals came on as Rose took Finley to dancing class (in her adorable fluffy bunny tutu, ears, and tail) and Craig took excitable Cider for a walk. "Cousin Cody" is a nervous pup who is visiting Bingo and Rolly with his humans. The duo take him back home so he can get his favorite squeaky toy and calm down. "Hissy's Toy" is her yarn ball, and she's reluctant to part with it. When their owner Bob accidentally puts it in one of his boxes, the trio and their friend Keia go after him to retrieve it.

Went home during the second half of the second show. Put everything away, then worked on writing. Brett manages to squeeze herself through thorny bushes, but she gets into trouble when she loses track of her sons and falls in a hole. She lands in a Studio City hallway and catches sight of Bill the White Rabbit running in the back. Trouble is, most of the doors won't open...except that tiny one in the back. She sees a bottle on the table and knows she has to drink it to get small.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched more Match Game '76 while throwing together ground turkey, peas, canned tomatoes, pasta, and onion for Italian Casserole. Hammy Dick Gautier and future Touched By an Angel star Della Reece join Fannie Flagg and the regulars to make jokes about Gene's loud plaid coat with the green lining and wish their show and West Coast favorites Jack In the Box a happy birthday. Match Game PM had fun with the upper tier as Dick Martin, Brett, and Charles played "cards" when they were out of a question.

Sale of the Century started out close, but the champ dominated as the show went along. She bought an Instant Bargain and won all the Fame Games and the Speed Round. Had no luck with the Bonus Round this time, though. 

Finished the night with A Damsel In Distress on TCM. I go further into Fred Astaire's first movie on his own at RKO at my Musical Dreams Movie Review Blog. 

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