Wednesday, May 26, 2021

In the Heat of the Day

Kicked off a cloudy morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. The first three contestants claimed they were members of a unicycle-riding basketball team. I went with handsome and funny #1, but Peggy and Bill chose more compact #2...and they turned out to be right. The second group represented a man who studied Dracula, vampires, and real-life blood drinkers. This time, it turned out to be super-serious bearded #2. 

Changed into my uniform as What's My Line? began. The first guest was a man who sold machines that mixed martinis. It took them forever to get it; I think Arlene Francis finally hit on it. Gene Rayburn was the only martini drinker in the group and got to try it. (And from what I read, he wouldn't be drinking them for much longer. By the time Match Game began in '73, he apparently started taking some kind of medication that didn't allow him to drink.)

Headed to work before the second guest came on. I spent the entire day alternating between sweeping inside and gathering carts outside. No major problems, other than I was the only bagger until 4 PM. I didn't have the time to do anything but sweeping and the carts until the evening bagger arrived and I was finally able to round up the outside trash and recycling. It got really hot and humid once the clouds cleared and the sun emerged in the late morning, too.

(By the way, several employees at work mentioned today that they're repealing the mask orders for those who are vaccinated in most businesses starting Friday. Turns out it's a degree. They still require them in government buildings, schools, jobs in crowded buildings like warehouses, and public transportation. I might have to wear them on the bus, but I don't have kids in school, don't work in a warehouse, and renewed my non-driver's ID online.) 

Went straight home after work and into writing. Brett bites into one of Nipsey's mushrooms, hoping they'll make her grow taller. They only make her neck grow taller, scaring the daylights out of a little red wren.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 while eating leftovers for dinner. Janet Lynde of The Young and the Restless and Joey Bishop join Gene, Patti Deustch, and the regulars this week. Things didn't go so well in the first half, with no one scoring until a question about what a giraffe came down with. Later, the panelists helped a lady wearing a "Foxy" t-shirt with the Audience Match question "All __."

Big George Kennedy, lovely Lee Merriweather, and Golden Girl Betty White come in for Match Game PM. Very close game here, though it didn't start out that way. The woman contestant didn't pick up anything until she hit the jackpot on what Dumb Dora brought in when asked to reveal photos of a "heavenly body." Richard had less luck trying to help her with the Head-to-Head question "__ of the Game."

Sale of the Century was also close for most of the game. We had a Christmas theme here, with ski luggage and a ski trip for the Instant Bargains and gorgeous decorations (including real trees) hung around the set. The Speed Round was so close, the only lady won by a question. She made an amazing comeback in the Bonus Round, getting two puzzles in less than five seconds! 

Finished the night online after a shower with two episodes of classic sitcoms at Hulu, starting with season 5 of MASH. Radar O'Reilly is tasked with writing about "The Most Unforgettable Characters" when he takes a creative writing course. He has no shortage of those on the base. Klinger threatens to set fire to himself unless General Potter sends him home, while Hawkeye and Hunnicut pretend to argue in order to make Frank Burns happy on his birthday.

Rose of The Golden Girls is delighted when "Charlie's Buddy" shows up on their doorstep. He seems to know everything about her, prompting her to relate many fond memories of her husband. She suggests they live together...but Dorothy's worried when he wants half the money from her up front. Meanwhile, Dorothy keeps trying to find a dress for a museum gala, but first it's too dull, then it's the same as Blanche's. 

(Oh, and it clouded up shortly after I got home. The storm didn't really move in until around when Sale of the Century was on. It's been thunder storming off and on ever since, though it seems to be off right now.) 

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