Tuesday, May 04, 2021

It's a Sunshine Day

Began the morning with scrambled eggs, oranges, and Body Language. Roger E. Mobley's softball prowess didn't help him act out clues or guess puzzles. Shelly Smith finally outguessed him on the last puzzle. She had a harder time getting her contestant through the Bonus Round. They did get nine clues to guess, but could only get one Bonus clue.

Blockbusters went a lot better. Bill Cullen witnessed a fierce back-and-forth battle between a woman and a grandmother-grandson pair. The pair just barely won in the end. They had an easier time with the Gold Run round, only missing two questions. They were just starting the first round with a gentleman when the show finished.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. The laundry had to be done today. I badly need work clothes. Picked the right day to do it. They were dead for the entire hour. Never saw more than one or two people around, other than the one guy painting the exterior siding. 

Had a lot of errands to run, too. I've wanted to try the new Mango Pepsi flavor. WaWa only had the Zero Sugar, but I figured that was enough. Got money to buy a Barnes & Noble gift card for Mother's Day at Family Dollar. Got a card for Mom and pads there as well. Also had the chance to enjoy a gorgeous day, sunny, warm, and breezy, very much in the lower 70's. 

(By the way...the Mango Pepsi isn't bad. You can really taste the mango, anyway.)

Put away the laundry, then watched Match Game '75 while having a Banana-Strawberry Smoothie for lunch. This very goofy episode starts out with a question on what happens when someone falls into the meat grinder at McDonald's and Brett's lengthy answer. (And frankly, I agree with Richard's answer to that question.) Meanwhile, Gene gets a little too frisky with teeny Sarah Kennedy under her desk, to Brett's annoyance!

Put on The Return of Captain Invincible after lunch. I know I said I was going to do this on Thursday, but I really wanted to watch it when I could focus on it...and boy, am I glad I did. I go further into this very, very peculiar Aussie superhero spoof at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Switched to Super Password as I cleaned the bathroom. Richard Moll and Gloria Loring continue their week. Moll seemed pretty pleased (at least, as much as he ever did) with managing to lead his contestant to the Ca$hword on the first clue! For the second day in a row, the producer and writer divorcees were the big winners on Tattletales, just barely over Patty Duke and John Astin. 

Finally got to scrubbing the bathroom floor during Press Your Luck. Boy, did it need it. It was really grimy, with several ugly spots. There were some ugly spots on the show, too. It wasn't that bad in the first half. Everyone picked up money, with only one Whammy seen. They waited until the second half to really fly. The new champ just barely beat the other man, picking up a trip and a lot of cash.

Switched to writing after the show ended. I decided Richard Dawson is more of a Batman type than a Superman. As we meet him, he's a broke single father looking for a job at the Match-Up Network as a host. The sarcastic receptionist (Marcia Wallace) is about to direct him to auditions when he encounters the argumentative restaurant critic who mainly reviews bars (Brett) and fussy theater and film critic (Charles). 

Also signed up for Netflix while online...for all of ten minutes. It only took me a quick glance at their line-up to realize they aren't for me. I saw some great cartoons, most of which I could easily watch elsewhere. I don't care about their original programming. If I want to see Stranger Things, I'll pick up the nifty DVD releases packed to look like 80's videos. I canceled them almost immediately. I may end up trying Paramount Plus instead. 

Made an early Cinco De Mayo ground turkey nacho dinner while watching Match Game '79. Gene's right that Marcia has the perfect phrase to describe Bill Daily. "He goes through life with perpetual jet lag." Meanwhile, Brett complains about Charles eating on the first tier and Marcia has to help a contestant win $10,000 with "Cookies and __." Things went even better on Match Game PM. The contestants were actually quite good, ending in a fairly intense tie. Richard got to help the contestant with the Head-to-Head this time.

Sale of the Century celebrates Thanksgiving reeeeellly early with holiday-related questions and prizes like a trip to Massachusetts and a big kitchen set. The champ pretty much dominated, buying both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and easily getting through the Speed Round. Had a lot more trouble with the Bonus Round, though.

Peeked at the other side of the house while Jodie was out. They've started remodeling the dining room. Either they laid hardwood floor, or there was gorgeous hardwood flooring under all that matted old green rug. The floor looks really nice. 

Finished up the night celebrating Star Wars Day at Disney Plus with something a little different. I'm surprised I don't remember the 1985 Ewoks cartoon. It being on ABC may have had something to do with it. We usually preferred the schedules on CBS, NBC, or cable. It's a pretty typical cartoon of the time, with rough and colorful animation and slightly cutesy stories depicting the magical "primitive" world of the Ewoks in more detail than the live-action films could.

Started with the second episode, "The Haunted Village." Logray, the village wise man, has developed an invisibility soap that can hide the Ewoks magical sunberries from a dragon sent by witch Morag. The Dukocks, a race of skinny creatures that resemble a cross between a monkey and the Grinch, manage to get their hands on the soap and try to clean themselves with it. Wicket and his friends have to get rid of them, then figure out how to spread the soap on the remaining bushes.

Morag's not through with her evil deeds. She kidnaps the baby of the Phlogs, a race of giant creatures, and orders the Dulocks to hold it hostage. They can't handle it, and it keeps escaping. Meanwhile, Wicket thoughtlessly insults Malani when he's tired of her swooning over him. She runs off, and straight to the baby and the Dulocks. Wicket and his friends go after them to stop "The Rampage of the Phlogs" from damaging their village.

Wicket will do anything "To Save Deej" when his father's cut by a razor-sharp poisonous fungus. A strange little creature named Mring-Mring seems like more of a hinderance than a help at first. His antics prove to be a lot more useful than Wicket and his brothers originally suspected when he helps them find the ingredients for the cure.

Latara is fed up with her constant chores and no one listening to her flute playing. She joins "The Traveling Jindas," a troupe of performers, to see what their life on the road is like. Not only does it prove to be even harder than life in the Ewok village, but the Jindas constantly get lost. When they run straight into the Dulocks, the Ewoks go in and try to rescue them.

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Linda said...

We have Netflix and I shouldn't even be paying for it because we almost never watch it. But I want to see the rest of LONGMIRE and THE CROWN. Most new movies I don't care for.

You might like Paramount Plus better. Lots of STAR TREK including the new DISCOVERY and PICARD. Series like PERRY MASON and I LOVE LUCY.