Friday, May 07, 2021

Dolls and Sisters

Opened my eyes...and saw 10 AM on the alarm clock next to my bed. I was meeting Jessa at 11 for lunch! I guessed it was going to be breakfast. I read the Allen Ludden biography and had just finished writing in my journal when knocking sounded on my door. Yes, it was Jessa, ready to go. I changed quickly and threw on sandals before I joined her.

We had lunch at the Legacy Diner. With capacity restrictions lifting, it was pretty busy in there. They have a new, far less elaborate menu, with simpler baskets and omelets and fewer pancake options. I went with a "Florentine" (spinach-feta cheese) omelet, hash browns, and whole wheat toast that was pretty tasty. Jessa had a pannini sandwich. We chatted about our difficulty finding creative jobs. She wants to illustrate children's books. I want to write, but I'm not really sure what. She suggested what amounts to self-publishing, putting my own book out there. I may consider it. I need to see how much it costs. We also discussed my problems finding an apartment in this area. 

We spent an hour or so after lunch back at my house, watching Match Game '75 and Classic Concentration. We arrived just in time to see the Audience Match with "Gene __." Needless to say, Gene was anxiously awaiting to see if his name was the top answer! We were also introduced to Carol Bartos, who would become one of the show's top winners. In the next episode, she went up against a cheerful teacher with the help of game show legends Bob Barker and Arlene Francis.

Classic Concentration was a 4th of July episode, with an explosive confrontation between a young man and a very excited woman who was obviously thrilled to be there. She eagerly explained her answer and screamed over her win...but she didn't do nearly as well with the match-the-car bonus round. In the next episode, a far more subdued Air Force officer finally beat her, but didn't do much better with the cars.

After Jessa left, I dressed the dolls for the less formal May holidays. In the books, Samantha's birthday is in May. She gets to wear her pink striped birthday dress and lacy pinafore. Felicity's ready to help me with chores in her green-striped Work Gown. I gave her an old apron with lace trim that's the first thing I ever bought for Samantha. I picked it up from a craft show in Cape May probably back in the early-mid 90's, but Sam has her own pinafores. 

Molly sports an eBay recreation of her hard-to-find Victory Garden dress. Whitney also wears an eBay outfit, a pastel polka-dot dress with a full skirt that looks more appropriate for her 50's era than Molly's 40's. Ariel goes groovy 70's in the brief ruffled top and flowered bell-bottoms that were among the outfits in that Amazon bag Lauren gave me at Christmas. Jessa also goes casual in a tie-dye flower t-shirt and short-alls from two different AG outfits. Josefina's in her pretty red and gold Dress and Vest with the black velvet vest. 

Listened to Instrumental Magic while dressing the dolls. This three-disc set of mostly random movie and TV themes seems to be by the same company that made my One Stormy Night album. It's a mixed bag, to say the least. Some songs, like the themes from Star Wars and Airport, sound just right and stirring. Darker tunes, like "Suicide Is Painless" from MASH and "Also Sprach Zathura," best known as the score for 2001: A Space Odyssey, don't fare well with the lighter approach. (And there's at least one song with lyrics, "Walking In Rhythm" by the Blackbyrds.)

Finished in time to watch Tattletales while making a quick chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie for lunch. Laid back Grand Ol' Opry performer Buck Jones and his wife Lisa just barely won today over Pat and Marge Harrington. The Press Your Luck episode was that crazy Halloween show Buzzr last showed during the comedy marathon in March that ended with host Peter Tomarken doing a goofy dance in a Frankenstein mask. 

Worked on writing after Peter collapsed on the floor. We're introduced to Richard's shadowy alter ego "The Ace," a Batman/Shadow-like figure who uses sharpened cards and a pool cue, along with various magnetic and earth-shattering weapons to take down a group of goons dressed as magicians stealing crates from a fireworks factory. Richard's still trying to figure out what they're up to, but they only tells him they work for "The Master Magician," but have no idea who their boss really is...

Had a quick leftovers dinner and made Strawberry Almond Muffins while watching Match Game '79. A very tall and handsome contestant from Maine turned a lot of heads in the previous episode, including fellow Maine resident Brett and fellow tall person Barbara Rhodes. He's finally defeated by a cheerful and fun lady with very curly hair who gets help in figuring out "Ain't It __." On Match Game PM, smart ingénue Jo Ann Pflug finishes off a funny episode by helping a contestant win $10,000 with her answer to "Boo __."

Sale of the Century had its closest episode yet. Everyone won or bought something, and no one was ever really far ahead of anyone else. The woman champ won by one question in an intense and rapid-fire Speed Round. She still couldn't figure out the Bonus Round, though.

Finished off the night on Shout Factory TV with a later Mike episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Pumaman is an Italian superhero movie from 1980.  The evil Dr. Kobras (Donald Pleasance) has stolen a mask that can be used to control anyone's mind. He first takes over the mind of the woman who uncovered the mask, Jane Dobson (Sydne Rome). The mask really belongs to an Aztec god created by aliens, whose power now rests in young paleontologist Tony Farms (Walter George Alton). Native priest Vadinho (Miguel Angel Fuentes) must train Tony in his newfound powers and show him how to resist the mind control and stop Kobras from controlling the mind of every leader in the entire world.

Uh, yeah. Boy, was this one goofy. Between bad acting, bad dialogue, and absolutely dreadful and obvious special effects, this really needed the wisecracks from the robots and their human pal. Recommended only for those who love the cheesy sci-fi movies of the 70's and early 80's.  

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