Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sunshine Harvest

Kicked off a quick morning with breakfast and the latest Muppet Babies episode. Gonzo wants Camilla to be the "Best In Chicken Show" and beat Rizzo and his ultra-cool pink chicken Patch. He tries to dress her up and teach her new moves, but Camilla would much rather do the dances she learned with Gonzo. In the end. he realizes that their moves harmonize best when Camila is herself. Piggy gives Fozzie's toddler sister Razzie her old bracelet, but has second thoughts when she sees all the fun things she's doing with it. Despite Nanny's "No Takesie Backsies" rule, she becomes determined to get it back anyway.

Switched to Tubi for Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo while cleaning up and getting organized. I know Scrappy isn't popular with most people, but he's never bothered me. He can be a useful pup taken in small doses, as in the first episode of the series, "The Scarab Lives!" Scooby and Scrappy join the rest of the gang to help a comic book artist figure out how his creation the Blue Scarab came to life and started committing crimes based after his next comic book.

Headed out shortly after Scooby left. It was a glorious day for my first Collingswood Farm Market trip of the year, sunny, breezy, and in the lower 70's. No wonder the Collingswood Farm Market was packed when I arrived. While they were allowing more people in and there were musicians performing "Ruby Tuesday" when I arrived, there's still no eating there allowed, and masks are still necessary. The mushroom seller was out of small portabellas and I wasn't going to wait in a long line for strawberries, but I was able to buy carrots, asparagus, and spinach. I also saw fresh green beans and the last of the hearty winter greens. 

Checked out two yard sales after I headed into Collingswood. Bought a lovely bright pink tray with pastel flowers for a dollar and picked up a children's book for free from the first one. Saw nothing of interest at the second.

Turned the bike around and rode up Haddon Avenue to check out Phildelity Records in Westmont. Been wanting to get up there, but haven't had the chance. Along with CDs, DVDs, and their own (better-organized) dollar record bins, they had crates filled with records in slightly better shape for two dollars. I eventually came up with:

The soundtrack for the 1971 Lost Horizon and a double soundtrack for the 20th Century Fox musicals Rose of Washington Square and Footlight Serenade

Broadway cast album for the 1946 Show Boat revival (in it's original plastic!)

Johnny Mathis - This Is Love

The Story of the Rescuers book and record (This one cost a bit more than the others, but The Rescuers is one of my favorite Disney movies.)

After quickly checking out one more yard sale, I rode down to Cuthbert. Stopped fast at the Westmont Acme to grab the mushrooms I couldn't find at the farm market, water, and a snack. They weren't any busier than the Audubon Acme's been these past few days, and I was able to get in and out. Took the long way down Cuthbert and through Haddon Township, but I found no more yard sales.

Jodie popped her head out when I pulled up to her driveway. She's apparently going away until Thursday while the wood floors in the main house are completely redone. I'm to call Rose if I need anything.

After I got home, I put everything aside, then had a Berry-Banana Smoothie with spinach for lunch while trying something different. Cleopatra In Space is one of the more popular cartoons on the Peacock streaming service. It's based after a series of graphic novels about a teen Cleopatra being thrown 30,000 years in the future and being named the one who will fulfill a prophecy as the savior of the Nile Galaxy. She's understandably freaked out by the two teen cyborgs and talking cat who greet her. Khensu, a professor at the PYRAMID Academy, convinces the cat council that Cleo is the one who can save them...but now he has to convince her.

Very strange and original premise, sort of an Egyptian-futuristic Sailor Moon. Cleo could occasionally be annoying and the story didn't always make the most sense, but I suspect both problems would be ironed out as the series goes on. 

Switched to writing after I cleaned up from lunch. Yeah, I started Blank In Wonderland. I do intend to eventually finish Superhero Blank as well, but first of all, this story is intended to be a relatively short one-off. Superhero is going to be a three-part epic. Might as well do Wonderland first and get that out of the way while I'm feeling the need for fantasy. 

Brett's holding a party at her house following taping in August 1976. She's trying to cheer herself up, but she's not feeling very much like partying. She and Jack Klugman are going through a messy divorce that's hurting their two sons Adam and David, especially the former. Adam's an older teen, and Brett has no idea how to deal with him. Charles tries to reassure her that she's doing fine. Richard Dawson, who brought his own sons over, tells her that he's been through his own messy divorce and wants to help keep her from getting as hurt as he did. Betty White and Allen Ludden admire her garden and ask for her secrets to keeping her red and white roses so lovely.

Broke at 6:30 for dinner. Had shrimp, carrots, and pasta with olive oil while watching Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. I go into the very faithful 1972 British version at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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