Saturday, May 01, 2021

Blowing Into May

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and more Angelina Ballerina. "Angelina the Mouse Detective" uses everything she learned from the "Monty the Mouse Detective" book series to solve the mystery of the disappearing garden gnomes...but there may be a more mundane reason the gnomes went missing. Angelina's hoping her grandmother will repair her damaged tutu in "Angelina and Grandma," but she's too busy setting up a birthday party. Angelina runs out after Grandma blames her for something she didn't do, teaching both a lesson when Grandma tries to find Angelina during a rainstorm.

Headed off to work shortly after the episode ended. Once again, work started out well. It was a gorgeous day for gathering carts and outside trash and recycling. Though the wind continued to blow, it was sunny and warmer, in the upper 60's by noon. Things picked up as early as 10, which is also when more help started to arrive. Once again, we didn't have enough help to deal with beginning-of-the-month crowds. I got stuck in the register for the last hour.

Rushed home as fast as I could. Went into writing after I changed and had a snack. Mayor Allen Ludden officially dubs Richard sheriff of Televisa City and gives him his badge. Ira offers to take him to Los Angeles to see his tailor, but Richard has more important things to do right now, like finding a place to live. Gene wonders why Richard's cozying up to Ira, but he has his own plans...

Broke for leftovers at quarter of 7. Watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while eating. The Clubhouse suddenly loses all its color, prompting "Mickey's Color Adventure" to find objects that'll replace those colors. Mickey, Pluto, and Professor Ludvig Von Drake go in search of ordinary objects in each color of the rainbow that the professor will use to refill the Rainbow Color Machine. 

Took a short but much-needed bath for the next hour or so. Ahhh. That felt so nice and relaxing after running around all afternoon. Looked at a self-help book on women's courage, then just laid back and let myself soak in the nice, hot water.

Finished the night with The Mighty Kong on Tubi. I go further into this animated musical version of King Kong at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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