Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Spring Asserts Itself

Started off a gloomy day with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dan Sr. needs "Calm at the Clock Factory" when he brings Dan Jr, O the Owl, and Katerina to see how clocks are made. Dan sometimes gets too excited, but when he's too jumpy, his father reminds him to take a deep breath and a squeeze. Prince Wednesday needs to be reminded about "Calm at Storytime" when he keeps doing frog hops, even in the library.

Rushed to work shortly after the episode ended. Less than an hour after I arrived, it began to shower lightly. The heavy precipitation didn't arrive until around noon-12:30. I got lucky. By the time it started to pour, I was sweeping the store and on break. We were so busy at that point, I didn't get outside again until well after the rain ended and the sun began to emerge. Once again, we had no help. Lines were long for a lot of the afternoon. Thankfully, the afternoon bagger arrived at 4 and took over the carts when I left.

Went into writing as soon as I got in. Richard's introduced to Brett, the restaurant critic who mostly reviews bars, and Charles, the fussy theatrical and film critic. They also mention gossip host Ira Skutch, the eyes and ears of their boss, Mark Goodson, who owns the network.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '79 while eating leftover nachos for dinner. Barbara Rhodes and Gene Rayburn fib about her having been on the show before in the opening so he can get another kiss...and he ends up giving one to Dick Martin next to her as well. He also mentions the Love Boat episode he did with Fannie Flagg, where they played dog lovers who fall for each other.

Match Game PM came on as I started cleaning the kitchen. Gene has to wait longer than he'd like for Charles to finish the first question! Later, Richard helps a man with a pregnant wife answer "__ Pollution." 

Sale of the Century was close for most of the game, with the male contestants going back and forth. They were so close, it came down to a tie in the Speed Round. The champ didn't have as much luck in the Bonus Round.

Finished the night online with Fantasy Island, which is now on Tubi. The Allen Ludden biography mentions he appeared in an episode of the 3rd season as the head judge in "The Skater's Edge." Charlotte (Charlene Tilton) is a Minnesota farm girl who dreams of being a figure skater. O'Rourke (Ricardo Montalban) gives her silver skates that make her perform like a pro, but the older skater who's worked all her life for this (real-life gold medalist Peggy Fleming) is jealous. "The Last Great Race" has two divorcing classic car owners racing their vehicles to see who gets their vintage car museum. "Concerto of Death" is much darker. A lounge pianist (Dennis Cole) claims he wants his late brother's ability to throw himself into his music...but what he really desires is to figure out who killed him. 

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