Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Winds of Spring

Began a quick morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Donald's Big Balloon Race" has him in high hopes that he'll win a blue ribbon. He's the only Clubhouse regular who hasn't. Mickey helps him get past Pete, who keeps trying to cheat.

Hurried off to work as soon as the episode ended. Thankfully after yesterday, work was no trouble at all. We were so quiet in the morning, I did the carts in no time and was able to sweep the front patio and gather recycling and trash. Later in the day, along with the carts, I swept the store, gathered inside recycling, and put away many, many cold items people didn't want. The evening bagger arrived by the last hour and took over the sweeping, allowing me to focus on the carts. The weather was good for it, too, still windy, but slightly warmer when you could get in the sun. 

As soon as I got home, I changed, had a snack, and did some writing. Changed it so that "The Ace" and Lee escape the burning fireworks factory via the tunnel he made to get in. His guns give him mastery over the Earth. Lee wants to know whom he is and who the Master Magician is, but he can't really tell her either. 

Broke for tilapia, honey-glazed carrots, and riced cauliflower medley at 6:30. Watched Match Game '79 while I ate. Daryl Anderson of Lou Grant and Donna Pescow of Angie and Even Stevens joins Patti Deustch and the regulars for jokes about Mr. Spock's sister and her ears and where Mary and Joseph wouldn't be able to stay in an updated version of the bible. Match Game PM was an encore of that rare 1977 episode with Eva Gabor and Bill Anderson.

Sale of the Century was the closest game yet. Everyone won or bought something, and no one got very far ahead of anyone else...even in the Speed Round. The other lady won the tiebreaker question, though she too had trouble with the Bonus Round.

Finished out the night online after a shower with more Love Boat. "The Song Has Ended" for a former songwriter (Robert Goulet) who gave up his career to marry his sweetheart (Juliet Mills). His partner (Richard Dawson) went on to greater success without him...but he can't forget that he was in love with the lady, too. Captain Stubing (Gavin McLeod) assures the orphaned daughter of a former lover (Jill Whelan) that there's "A Time for Everything," including love and death. Doc (Bernie Koppel) romances a Russian commissar (Loretta Swit) named "Anoushka" after she requests that Julie make her "slinky." A businessman (Soupy Sales) and his smitten secretary (Jo Anne Worley) go on an "Accidental Cruise" when they get drunk at an office party and end up in the honeymoon suite.

Switched to The Roku Channel for Hart to Hart. Jennifer's cousin is hoping to be "A Lighter Hart" in the fourth season finale, thanks to a pink liquid diet prescribed to her by an exercise guru and his scheming girlfriend (Elaine Joyce). The lady's been adding a few things to the drink that she hopes will make her wealthy clients want to invest in their company, including amphetamines. When Jennifer's cousin ends up in a coma after a near-fatal heart attack, Jennifer and Johnathan spring into action to find out what unhealthy plans these health gurus have in mind. 

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