Saturday, May 08, 2021

Saturday Morning Memories

Began a quick morning with Spider Man and His Amazing Friends on Disney Plus. Rose and I loved this Saturday morning show in the early-mid 80's. It's now running on Disney Plus. Nowadays, it looks pretty typical of the time, as in "The Triumph of the Green Goblin." Scientist Norman Osborn is turned into the Green Goblin after a plane crash. Horrified at his transformation, he creates a potion to turn all New York into hideous goblins. Spider Man and his fellow college students Angelica "Firestar" Jones and Bobby "Iceman" Drake follow Osborn from a costume party to make sure he doesn't dump the potion into New York's water supply.

Hurried off to work just as the cartoon ended. Work was steady when I came in...but it picked up quickly around noon and stayed crazy for the rest of the day. Once again, we couldn't keep up with the long lines. People wanted to buy meat and bags of coal for their Mother's Day barbecues, and rose bouquets and cards for their moms. It slowed down just long enough for me to sign off without a relief.

Did all the grocery shopping I could get away with with the lines still long. Made use of online coupons for yogurt, brown sugar, and cereal. Strawberries were buy one, get one, and broccoli was also on a good sale. Restocked vanilla and almond extract, honey, milk, apples, canned pineapple, an onion, and toilet paper. 

Weird schedule next week. In good news, three days off (including next Friday and Saturday), only one cashiering day (tomorrow). Frustratingly, two 8 and 1/2 hour days in a row and the least hours I've had since early in the winter. At least I'll be able to get a lot done and make my first trip to the Collingswood Farm Market this year.

Put on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I put things away. Inspired by a letter Grandpere sent Dan Sr, Daniel makes "Something Special for Dad" to make him happy. He and his father say "I Love You, Mom" by going to Baker Aker to make her favorite treat, banana bread.

Worked on writing for a while after the cartoon ended. The Master Magician's men have a prisoner in the fireworks factory - Lee Merriweather, a reporter for Match Up Network who is strung up over a pile of fireworks set to go off! She's determined to show the truth about their activities and find out who their boss is...but first the mysterious Ace has to rescue her...

Made Honey-Pineapple Salmon with pasta and steamed broccoli for dinner, then baked snickerdoodles for dessert. Finished the night with The Muppets Take Manhattan. I go further into my favorite Muppet movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Family Fun Saturday - The Muppets Take Manhattan

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