Friday, May 28, 2021

Fantasies In the Rain

Began the morning with breakfast and Looney Tunes World War II propaganda shorts in honor of Memorial Day Weekend. "Herr Meets Hare" was the second-to-last war-related short Warners put out before V-E Day, as Bugs takes on a real-life Nazi in the Black Forest. Earlier in the war, "Daffy the Commando" takes down an entire bird-themed troop on his own. "Russian Rhapsody" has "gremlins from the Kremlin" sabotaging Hitler's plane. "The Draft Horse" badly wants to join the war, but discovers that combat isn't as glamorous as he thinks when he finds himself smack in the middle of a tank testing site.

Worked on writing after I did the dishes. Brett enters Bill the White Rabbit's little California bungalow-style house, looking for his gloves and fan. She doesn't find them, but she does find a jar of candies. Sneaking a taste doesn't prove to have been the wisest decision, as she's started to grow again...

Broke for a quick chocolate-banana smoothie and more cartoons around 11. Along with the solo character shorts, Warners also did wartime sketch comedies revolving around life in the barracks ("Rookie Revue") or on the home front ("Wacky Blackout," "The Weakly Reporter"). We also have an allegory on the history of the war and how we intended to end it, as told by ducks, doves, geese, and other barnyard fowl ("The Duckinators"). 

It was just cloudy and a little cool when I headed off to work. Work was busy when I came in and busy around 4 PM...and when it got busy, the lines were down the aisles. We just don't have enough help to deal with holiday weekend customers. I felt so overwhelmed by all those crowds. Thankfully, one of the managers finally got one of the stock boys to come in so I could get out on time.

I'm not really happy with my schedule next week. On one hand, more hours and earlier hours. On the other hand, long hours all week except Sunday, and I don't have a day off until Wednesday (though I do get Wednesday and Thursday off, Wednesday for my next dental appointment). They gave a lot of people off for the holiday, even though we weren't supposed to put in for Memorial Day or the week before off. 

Didn't have a ton of grocery shopping to do after work. Shrimp is already on sale; found a small bowl of cooked, seasoned shrimp with a manager's coupon for dinner. Had a free online coupon for the Acme's generic ice cream; went with Mint Cookie Crumble. Also had good online coupons for cherries, butter, eggs, and mayo. Asparagus was already on a good weekend sale. Restocked milk, strawberries, yogurt, dish washing liquid, tomatoes, bananas, and strawberries. 

By the time I got out, we were in the midst of a nice steady (and much-needed) shower. Thankfully, it wasn't so bad that I was more than damp. I pulled into the garage just as the rain came down heavier. It's been raining heavily ever since. 

Changed after I got in, then watched Match Game PM while I put everything away. There's quite a few jokes about a young man contestant with shaggy hair and a mustache and beard that makes him resemble Grizzly Adams. They're not laughing when he comes up with his own good answer on the Audience Match.

Sale of the Century didn't start out close. The one guy was ahead almost the entire game, even after buying no Instant Bargains or the Instant Cash. The champ came back in the Speed Round, but it wasn't enough to beat him. He didn't have her prowess in the Bonus Round, though...

Finished the night after a shower online with Fantasy Island on Tubi. A famous magician (Bert Convy) is hoping to do his father one better and "Escape" from the notorious prison on near-by Devil's Island. He almost gives up after his first attempt ends with him in the prison hospital, until Roarke encourages him to try again. Two factory workers pose as "Cinderella Girls" with makeovers and new wardrobes. One (Georgia Engel) is happy to find herself a German millionaire who loves her for who she is, but the other (Diane Canova) isn't sure about the handsome young man who keeps trying to sell her on a country club and seems interested in her.

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