Thursday, May 13, 2021

All In the Golden Afternoon

Began a beautiful morning with breakfast and Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Daisy hopes that Goofy's rubber duck really is a "Goof Luck Charm" that'll help her win a difficult off-road obstacle course. She, Minnie, and Cuckoo Loca are "Teed Off" when they, Donald, and Mickey act as caddies for Hot Dog Hills residents.

Rushed out to work before the episode ended. I needn't hurried. We were not only dead all day, but for once, we had plenty of help. A new college-age bagger was already outside when I arrived; the head bagger arrived later. No wonder I had perfectly normal hours today. Gathered trash and recycling in and outside, swept the patio, rounded up carts, did one inside sweep, and enjoyed glorious 70 degree and breezy May weather. 

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road to enjoy that lovely day further. Nicholson Road wasn't busy either, even around the mall and church. Everyone must have been at work or doing outside chores at home. Admired fat green leaves and gardens filled with sweet pink roses and velvety irises as I rode up the hill to Atlantic.

Changed when I got home, then decided to try something different. Made a recipe for Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cookies from my British baking book while watching game shows. Patricia Klous and Orson Bean were giving out the clues on Super Password. Klous got her contestant through the Super Password bonus round with three seconds to spare; Bean helped his with that tough Ca$shword mini-game. 

Tattletales had a unique guest today. Lorenzo Music, a TV writer best known today as the original voices of Garfield the Cat, Peter Venkman, and Carlton the Doorman on Rhoda. It sounded very strange to hear Garfield's voice toss out double entendres with his wife Henrietta. The big winners by far were slightly ditzy Lynda Day George and her handsome husband Christopher.

Jenny Jones was still the champ going into Press Your Luck. She really had no competition. The other woman and the man would get money, then hit Whammies, especially in the second round. She hit one Whammy and picked up an expensive camper that won her another game.

(By the way, the cookies came out beautifully. I used strawberry jam instead of raspberry jelly because that's all I had, but it tasted just as good. I will absolutely have to try this again sometime.)

Worked on writing for a while after Jones won. Lee doesn't have the chance to as "The Ace" who he is and how he knows where to find The Master Magician. He blends back into the shadows before she barely has the time to turn around. She's frustrated, especially when she realizes she's lost a potential story on this new hero.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had quick leftovers while watching Match Game '76. For some reason, Buzzr skipped way back to the second episode of Bill Anderson's first week on the show. We start off with some interesting jokes about what a guy holding a bird ended up with and ended with everyone coming up with Audience Match answers to "One for the ___."

Match Game PM remains in 1977. We had a memorable contestant, a British woman who sported a Match Game PM t-shirt. Brett showed off her own floral dress on a black background, while the others try to figure out how Snow White is feeling all day.

The ladies dominated Sale of the Century full-stop tonight. Although the man did win a Fame Game, they won the other two Fame Games. The woman challenger bought both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash, then just barely got ahead in the Speed Round. She didn't do any better with the Bonus Round than anyone else recently, though.

Finished the night online with On an Island With You. I go further into this tropical Esther Williams vehicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Moved to YouTube for the SyFy miniseries Alice. Here, Alice Hamilton (Caterina Scorscone) is a martial arts teacher living in San Francisco with her mother. She spends her off-hours trying to find her missing father and with her new boyfriend Jack (Philip Winchester). When Jack is kidnapped by a strange being called The White Rabbit (Alan Gray), Alice follows him through a looking glass. Turns out the Queen of Hearts (Kathy Bates) is after the ring Jack gave her that controls the looking glass entrance to San Francisco. She's draining the emotions of "normal" humans and distilling them into drinks she sells to Wonderlanders. Among those trying to stop her are kindly Charlie the White Knight (Matt Frewer), who is the last of his kind, and the roguish Mad Hatter (Andrew-Lee Potts), who plays both sides of the coin. Alice has to figure out whom she can trust - and just how important those emotions are - when she finds out what really happened to her father.

Weirdly charming modern adaptation has some good ideas and nice performances, especially from Potts as the conflicted Hatter, but drags like crazy in the second half. It's still worth checking out if you're a fan of fantasy or Alice

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