Thursday, May 27, 2021

Dolls on a Sunny Day

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in just as the mother half of a mother-daughter team tried to figure out the Gold Run. She got half the questions right, but couldn't connect one side to the other. They had more luck with a lady in the regular round when the show ended.

Switched to the Watch TCM on demand site for Hollywood Party as I cleaned up from breakfast. I go further into this bizarre vehicle for Jimmy Durante, Mickey Mouse, and most of the comedians at MGM in the early 30's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Put on Match Game '76 as I got organized and did a few things around the apartment. Things didn't begin well, as normally on-the-ball Richard had trouble with "Bend ___" in the Head-to-Head. They improved later, as Brett sympathized with Ugly Edna and the others came up with some very interesting (and topical) responses to "Women's __," including jokes about Vincent Price and The Fly

Heard familiar voices in the main house as the second episode came on. Rose and Jodie were discussing Dad's "celebration of life" party, aka the post-funeral party we weren't able to have last year. From what they're saying, it's going to be held here on July 31st, and it'll be pretty big, with a guest list that includes most of the members of his graduating high school class and many neighbors. Jodie's having it catered by Anthony's, the restaurant where Rose's husband Craig works, and is trying to figure out where she can rent tents and find bartenders. 

And...they're aware that I have no idea what I'm doing next. Rose suggested looking into smaller apartment buildings in the area. I really haven't had much luck with finding apartments on my own. The one I'm currently in and the one on Manor Avenue were recommended to me by family members and their friends, all of whom have since passed on. The only apartment I ever got on my own was the one in Wildwood with the roaches and the ancient heater and old appliances. At any rate, they did say it'll likely be closer to September before Jodie's able to sell the house and I'll really have to go anywhere.

After Rose left, I headed out to run errands at Dollar General. It was a really gorgeous day for a walk. The sun was out, the breeze felt lovely and cool, and it was hot again, but not humid like yesterday. The grass and gardens are still really dry, though. We're going to need more rain than even the storms we had last night to make things better.

Dollar General was fairly busy around 1 with people picking up a few things as they returned from lunch. I was mainly there for a new thermometer. The old one took batteries I can't find, and the one I bought after that didn't work. Decided I'd try something and bought fixings to make Key Lime Pie, including cream cheese and a graham cracker crust.

Put on Doc McStuffins when I got home. After the whopper of a thunder storm we had last night, I thought "The Big Storm" was appropriate. Doc evacuates her toys to her bedroom, but Chilly and Hallie fall out and get lost. They survive the storm drawing pictures Doc's playhouse clinic, and by staying together. "Spritzy Mitzi" is a hip octopus sprinkler who loves being the life of the water party. She ignores Stuffy's insistence that Doc checks out a pebble stuck in one of her legs...until the pebble breaks the rubber, and she gets a leak.

Dressed the dolls for warmer June weather after the cartoon ended. Molly's Birthday Pinafore with the ruffled rickrack-trimmed sleeves is more appropriate for summer than spring. Josefina is in her Weaving Outfit. Ariel gets (Ivy's) Rainbow Romper and Springfield Collection denim sneakers. Felicity wears a white gown with blue cabbage roses I found at a booth in the Deptford Mall a decade ago. Whitney's in a white early 60's-style tea dress with purple roses and a bubble skirt. Samantha's quite daring in her second Biking Outfit with the tight embroidered Swiss lace blouse and aqua flannel knickers. Jessa wears her white flamingo-trimmed hoodie from a Collingswood art show with the green shorts from the American Girl Girl Scout uniform.

Rose texted me while I worked on the dolls and said she and the kids were at the pool. Stuck my legs in with them for about a half-hour. She pretty much confirmed what she said with Jodie earlier. She also recommended I look into smaller, better-maintained apartment buildings, rather than trying to find another apartment attached to a house whose owners may be more likely to raise my rent or push me out if they change their minds about renting. 

After they left, I worked on writing for a while. Was going to have Brett encounter the Cheshire Cat, but I changed it to her running into Bill (Daily) the White Rabbit. He calls Brett "Carol" (the name of Bob Newhart's receptionist on The Bob Newhart Show) and demands she bring his gloves and fan, so he can start out to the Queen (Betty White) and King (Allen Ludden) of Hearts' croquet game.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had ham and sautéed spinach and mushrooms while watching more Match Game '76. Earl, the gentleman behind the Audience Match board, seemed to have a bit of a crush on the pretty new champ today, actively rooting for her. Meanwhile, we get a fairly racy answer on what the Bionic Woman has lubricated. 

Match Game PM came on as I put together cream cheese, Cool Whip, sugar, lime juice, almond milk, and vanilla pudding to make my own version of Key Lime Pie. Bill Cullen returned with Fannie Flagg and Debralee Scott to admire the massive mustache on a bachelor contestant and see Richard drool over a pretty young traveling saleswoman. 

Sale of the Century continues their Christmas week festivities and the close games. Once again, no one got terribly far ahead of anywhere else until the champ burst ahead in the Speed Round. She took the Bonus Round without even the bobbles she made last night.

Finished the night online with two classic TV episodes on The Roku Channel. "Emily By Hart" on Hart to Hart has Johnathan and Jennifer going on a romantic weekend getaway up the California coast. The romance sours quickly when Jen learns that a young reporter she once mentored died while doing an article investigating the crop dusting business her fiancée worked for.

In I Dream of Jeannie, Jeannie's even less happy when Tony is called out to do work for NASA on their third anniversary. He has to bring a can of film to a general in Washington, but Jeannie sees him with a girl and thinks he's on a date with someone else. She switches the film...but that only serves to cause her master worse trouble. 


Linda said...

If the thermometer still works, try Batteries + Bulbs+. Or, better yet, looking on Amazon for a battery. The dollar stores only carry the most common: AA, AAA, 9volt, maybe C and D (the latter very hard to find!). If it looks like a AA, but is short, it's an N. And there are too many "button" batteries to count! :-)

Emma said...

I checked the Acme ages ago, which has a huge battery kiosk with a giant selection. Nothing. I will keep that in mind when the one I just bought dies, though! (And it works fine, at least as of now.) :)