Friday, August 05, 2022

Bad Day Rising

Overslept and got a very quick start to the day. Finally finished Death On the Menu, which didn't give me time for much of anything else. I gulped down my breakfast and dashed out, trying to ignore a sunny, crazy hot and humid day.

I shouldn't have ignored the weather. Work was a royal pain in the rear. I would have been happier to push carts and sweep the store if not only was I called to do six other things when I was busy with them, but if four different managers didn't keep telling me to do jobs I already knew I was supposed to do. I'm not a child. I am perfectly capable of doing my job. And the head bagger ended up in a register, so I had no help. I fell so behind on the carts by 5, a manager ended up helping me with them. Didn't help that we were off-and-on busy, probably due to this being the first weekend of the month. 

My schedule next week is barely a schedule. I asked for two days off to do the counseling work at Goodwill and took a paid day off to have a day at home, plus they gave me Saturday off. Not only that, but I work 8 1/2 hours on two of the three days I do go in. 

Grabbed some snacks and things I needed on the way home. Clementines were on a decent sale, and I had a coupon for the 8-pack of Larabars and brownie cookies. Found a gum protection mouthwash from a fancy company that specializes in environmentally safe products on the clearance rack. Choboni yogurt was a dollar each, plus I had an online coupon that brought them to $.75 each. 

When I finally made it home, I felt absolutely terrible. My body was sore, my throat was sore, and I was beyond tired. I managed to eat dinner and watch Match Game '75. In the first episode, Charles wore a straw cowboy-style hat that later migrated onto Gene's head. In the second, we're introduced to an attractive older woman contestant with the most beautiful head of snow-white hair I ever saw. She said her husband was studying to be a wrestler. That and his name being Bill Bailey (as in the old song "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?") prompted a lot of jokes from the panel.

Finished the night on YouTube and Pluto TV. Managed to squeeze in an episode of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir after a shower. I suspect Topanga and Cory from Boy Meets World would be surprised to see an unusually debonair William Daniels, the owner of a yacht, romancing Carolyn in "Mr. Perfect." Captain Gregg is suspicious at first when the seaman gets seasick, but he finally ends up trying to throw them together. 

Sony launched 24 hour Pluto TV channels for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on August 1st. Not only did I finally have the chance to check them out, but I watched them as my family would have when I was little - Jeopardy first, then Wheel. (And if I could find the Pennsylvania Lottery numbers streaming, I would have watched them, too.) 

The episodes on both channels revolved around young people. Arrived at Jeopardy in time for one of the shows from their College Tournament in 2014. The bright girl from UCLA was ahead for most of the first round, but she made a lot of mistakes in the second. The girl from Princeton charged ahead to win one for North Jersey. 

The Wheel episode from 2017 had teen best friend duos playing together. The two girls in the middle cleaned up, getting twice as much money as anyone else and winning a trip to Hawaii. They didn't do quite as well with the bonus round, though. 

And...I still have a headache, sore throat, and a slight stomachache and fever. The achy muscles might be leftover from work, but the rest is going to require calling out tomorrow and taking a COVID test, which I ordered from Amazon tonight. 

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