Thursday, August 11, 2022

How to Make Changes

Slept until 10:30 this morning and didn't really get going until nearly noon. Came in half-way through Match Game '74. Jo Anne Worley and Nipsey Russell were among those giving provocative answers to what Eve didn't want Adam to do to her fig leaf, while Brett proudly announced that her younger son Adam made another appearance on The Odd Couple. They all have a lot more trouble with "Stuffed __" in the Audience Match.

For some reason, they skipped the last episode of that week and moved on to the shows with Adrienne Barbeau and Robert Morse. Brett and Charles took a lot of ribbing in this episode, including a question about what they traded. Meanwhile, the frisky redheaded contestant is more interested in kissing the ladies, especially Brett!

Went online for a little while after the show ended. I wanted to learn more about the Center for Independent Living. I'd really rather use the one in Gloucester County than attempt Camden City, but I called the Camden one anyway because I had their number. Turned out to be a moot point. I got their answering machine. I left a stammering message, but I don't think it was very coherent. I'll try e-mailing them next week.

Headed out to run errands around 2:30. First stop of the day was Target. I needed shampoo and D vitamins, and they were having a sale on those date bars again. Had a spinach-egg white-feta wrap, a frosted lime-coconut bar, and a lemonade iced tea at Starbucks for lunch as kids chattered on the wide window ledges. 

Went down to the Haddon Township Library next. I wanted to look up books on ADHD in adults. Most of what they had was advice for parents of kids with ADHD, but there were some books intended for those who were diagnosed later in life. I ended up with ADHD - What Everyone Needs to Know, The Mindfullness Prescription for Adult ADHD, and Organizing Solutions for People With ADHD. I also learned that they dropped the volunteer program when the pandemic began and have been slow to pick it back up again, due to government red tape and the virus constantly mutating.

Thought about going to the Westmont Acme, but the Acme is really the last place I felt like being on my day off. Ended up at Dollar General instead. Found a really nice pack of Paper Mate mechanical pencils that reminded me of the ones I used as a kid, only in a rainbow of colors instead of just yellow. Needed more electrolyte drink mix; went with Dollar General's generic lemon-lime and Propel's strawberry-kiwi. Found a better plastic drink bottle for my electrolyte drinks than the old Propel bottle I was using. 

Took a look at the library books when I got home. All I want to know is how to deal with my attention and executive function problems without medication, so I can get a decent job and house. That, and how to better-organize my thoughts. I can organize things and keep my space neat, but my ideas come too quickly to be put into sequence properly. That's why my story notes are all over the place and I forget half of what I intend to write on this blog by the time I start it.

Finally started writing around 5:30. Brett's thrilled to be on dry land after Richard's horse makes it to the ground. Not only that, but she discovers a crown on her head, and that she, Richard, Charles, Jimmie, and Orson all wear fine clothes. She finally checkmated the Red King. His castle is her castle. Richard and Charles lead her through the gate on their arms. 

Broke for dinner at 7. Watched Let's Make a Deal while I ate. Came into the first episode as two dice played a pricing game. They turned down a car and got a trip to Mexico...and, ironically, they finally got the car when they chose the right door for the Big Deal of the Day. A lady in her bathrobe got lucky too, trading in money for a trip to Paris that really did sound lovely.

Finished the night on Amazon Prime with Beach Blanket Bingo, which is currently free there. I go further into Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello's last "Beach Party" movie together at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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