Friday, August 26, 2022

You Spin Me Round Like a Record

I'd just started writing in my journal when my phone rang this morning. My stepbrother TJ finally had the time to bring over the rest of my records...within a half-hour, right before I went to work. I finished my writing and changed quickly, then had breakfast on the porch while waiting for him to arrive. And waiting. And waiting. Turns out he got caught in traffic and turned up right before I had to leave or be late. I thanked him for bringing the box and said to leave it on the porch, and I'd deal with it when I got home.

Work was a pain in the rear again. I wouldn't mind doing carts so much if I could just sweep and do carts. I had to unload not only the trash cans around the outside of the store, but the one by the bus stop, too. The city of Audubon really should do that one. It was an overflowing mess that took me so long to empty, I fell behind with the carts. Got a scolding from the head bagger for not getting to the carts by the Nicholson Road door, though she did apologize later. And I'm not happy that our current head manager is being transferred to another store after barely a month here, and we're losing another manager, too. We're short on help as it is!

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. On one hand, Monday and Tuesday off, more hours, nothing very long or very early. I do have one late day, though...and considering we're coming up on Labor Day Weekend, I suspect the reason I have those two days off in a row is because I probably work a week straight after that. 

Grabbed a few things after work. I have no idea when I'll next get to the farm market, so I picked up a container of blueberries on a good sale with a digital coupon and a bag of apples. Bought blueberry scones for lunch this week and Kind Breakfast bars for snacks at home.

Heard music and laughter as I rode down Kendall Boulevard in Oaklyn. I forgot today is their Final Friday Festival. On the last Friday of every month between June and September, Oaklyn holds a street fair on the business district in West Clinton Avenue. Chatted with a former worker at the Acme and a manager who got off earlier. They both said not to sweat the trouble with the carts. I did what I could. 

Considered getting something from the food trucks lining the sides of the road. Trouble is, not only are they expensive for what you get, there were long lines. Plus, I decided I wasn't up to the noise after work. Ended up having a slice of mushroom pizza and a slice of tomato-basil-mozzarella and a bottle of Diet Pepsi at Phillies Phatties. There were a few people eating pizza with me, but it wasn't nearly as busy as the street. 

Soon as I got home, I opened that box and carried the records upstairs. It would have been too heavy for me to carry them in the box! Besides, a friend said she wanted to use it for donations. Changed, then organized my remaining records into the empty crates I cleared for them. Children's albums went into one. The other held R&B, country rock, and disco. Also found the disc holder with my home-made CDs I burned off discs borrowed from the library or got from Lauren, including many home-brew Monkees collections, a Wings greatest hits collection, and the original London cast of The Phantom of the Opera.

(Incidentally, I now have everything that belongs to me either in my rooms or in storage. While I appreciate TJ and Rose helping me out, from now on, all of my things either stay with me or go into the storage unit. When I move, they'll be in a truck or a van. It takes too long to get things back from relatives who don't have the time to be delivering them or for me to get them.)

Watched Let's Make a Deal as I worked. Came in as a couple in military fatigues guessed how much certain items were, and what they cost all together. They ended up taking a furniture package instead of the car they were after...which ended up being a good thing, since their calculations were off by more than 40 dollars. While no one got the Big Deal of the Day, I suspect the military couple was perfectly happy with a living room set that cost even more than the package they gave up, and a lady dressed as the Queen of Spades cards seemed thrilled with a sports package she could give to her husband.

Big excitement on Match Game '75 tonight, too. Carol Bartos became their all-time winner to that point, thanks to Fannie Flag's answer to "__ Tie." Fannie also fielded more than a few jokes about her glittery Minnie Mouse t-shirt. 

Finished the night with TV shows on The Roku Channel, starting with Murder She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher isn't happy when an aspiring young screenwriter warns her that the director she works with on a major mystery show insists he'll "Steal Me a Story" cribbed from one of Jessica's books. She goes to the studio to talk to the head producer, only for him to be killed by a bomb left in a package on his desk. Turns out more than a few people weren't too fond of the cynical producer, including the leading lady on the show who wanted out of her contract, his secretary who had been promised an assistant producer job, and the young woman who works with the folksy star and worries about his image. 

Patty Lane has her own problems on The Patty Duke Show. In the season two opener "The Green-Eyed Monster," she dates a handsome young cadet who seems to do everything he touches perfectly. That makes Patty's regular boyfriend Richard jealous, to the point where he asks Patty's dad Martin for advice on how to handle this. Unfortunately, this ends up escalating with the boys constantly trying to top each other, and Patty unable to decide which she prefers. It backfires on her when she can't choose which one to take her to a dance, and doesn't end up going at all. 

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