Monday, August 15, 2022

Sunny Afternoon

Slept in a bit this morning, then had breakfast while watching Paramount Plus...or trying to. It reset on me. I had to restart Paw Patrol. Farmer Al is trying to clean his barn, so the pups send his animals to residences across town. When the animals run away, the "Pups Save a Sleepover" before a major storm hits. Mayor Humdinger is so angry when he can't win the stuffed bunnies at Mayor Goodway's game booth, he steals all the prizes. The "Pups Save the Carnival" when he lets a pig race around and sets a bounce house on the water. Meanwhile, poor Zuma wants to practice and hit the lizard in the target well enough to win a prize. 

Got a phone call just as I opened my eyes. Turned out to be the Center for Independent Living, which I called on Friday. Vanessa must not have realized that the number she gave me was for the city of Camden, not Camden County. I'll call their offices in Westville on Wednesday.

Worked on writing for a little while after that. Red Queen Fannie (Flagg) and White Queen Helen (Rayburn) join Brett in the garden. They offer to explain to her the ins and outs of being a queen and how to release those spells. Brett just wants to know how to release her sons and get home.

Broke for lunch at 1. Put on The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That at the Roku Channel. The kids want to play a game with Sally's guinea pig, but have no idea what he'd be interested in. The Cat takes them to the jungle and teaches them about the "Amazing Eyes" of llamas, condors, and rainbow boas, and how the guinea pig's relative the cavy loves hide-and-seek. They become "Water Walkers" when they join a bug that can stride on water and see how he gets to the other side of the pond.

Thankfully got to work on time for once...which turned out to be a moot point. I ended up bagging the entire afternoon. In fact, they wanted me to bag because the outside trash was overflowing and the head bagger ended up in a register at that point. For some reason, I had to take the trash from the floral department, too. (The floral department manager could have done that herself before she left for the day.) The head bagger helped me with carts when it did start picking up a little. 

No wonder we were quiet for most of the day. The weather couldn't have been more stunning. Bright blue sky, lower-80's temperatures, soft breezes, no haze or humidity in sight. Who wanted to be in a grocery store on a perfect August afternoon? It was a pleasure just riding to and from work. 

Ran into Password Plus while eating dinner, and then during dessert. Mary Tyler Moore made a rare game show appearance that week. Too bad she didn't appear more often, because she did splendidly, helping a young medical student earn money for her graduate degree. Bill Cullen also did well the one time he got up to Alphabetics. 

Left it on Let's Make a Deal while I got organized after dinner. The show opened with a sailor, a French maid, and Little Red Riding Hood being given dollar bills. The sailor took a box on the floor and got sports clothes and equipment. Little Red went for a door and got a Zonk. The French maid got 1,000. In another game, a chorus girl in a sequined red dance costume and a softball player didn't earn enough money for a car, but the dancer did get a barbecue and outdoor furniture. She traded it in for the Big Deal of the Day and came up with an even nicer trip. The French maid reluctantly gave up her 1,000...and got a beautiful piano, a gorgeous fur jacket, and more money than she gave away in the Big Deal of the Day!

Finished the night on Shout! TV with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mighty Jack was actually two episodes of a Japanese spy program from the late 60's strung together and dubbed (badly) in the 1980's. I'm guessing the Japanese like their spy programs loud, talky, and full of explosions. Joel and the robots kept joking that they couldn't figure out the plot, and I had no idea what was going on, either. All I know is the second half had something to do with destroying an iceberg, and a group on a genuinely nifty submarine named Mighty Jack would ride in and save the day. Admittedly, some of those explosions were pretty cool, but they couldn't rescue the all-over-the-place script that made no sense and dull performances. 

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