Monday, August 01, 2022

Cool Summer

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Miss Elaina and Daniel look forward to helping with "Jodi's Lemonade Stand"... as soon as the rain stops. Even when it does pass, they're dismayed when they realize they left the sign they made outside in the weather. They fix it and bring it to Jodi's, only for her to forget the lemons. Dan Sr. and Lady Elaine tell the kids that it's easier to remember things if you say them out loud. "Daniel Remembers What He Needs" when he's so excited about show-and-tell, he almost leaves his lunch at home. 

Worked on writing for a while after breakfast. Brett reminds Richard that he's there to get them through the woods, not mess with boxes and anklets. Charles points out that this may be worse than him dying. He can't lead them to the Red Castle with a scrambled brain. He claims he can ride the horse and lead them there, but he keeps falling off. When Brett suggests he walk, he says he's had plenty of practice...and then falls off again.

Broke to get ready for work around quarter after 12 while watching Match Game '74. Everyone's delighted to help sweet Janet Finn rack up the cash, especially Charles, whom she keeps picking for the Head-to-Head. The others try to help Janet with "Mountain __" on the Audience Match, while Brett teases Donald Ross about his weird bright matching shirt-and-tie combos.

Thankfully, considering today is the beginning of the month and all the trouble I've had at work lately, I had no problems there today. I ended up spending most of a cloudy and unusually cool for August day pushing carts. I was in and out with no fuss. Had a quick lunch and bought bran muffins before I started.

Went straight home after work. Had leftovers for a much-needed dinner while checking out Let's Make a Deal. The Big Dealers on this episode were an adult Minnie Mouse in weird makeup and a bunny in a purple leotard and her surfer dude husband. Minnie didn't find much in Monty's Piggy Bank...because the bunny found the Big Deal, a beautiful bedroom ensemble and lots of cash.

Did Match Game '77 while having dessert. Charles is upset in the Christmas Eve episode that he wasn't asked to dress as Santa again. He promptly turns up in the next show wearing said Santa suit and claiming he'd been asked to wear it everywhere else, including Hollywood Squares. (This must be why Charles not only wore the suit for Christmas '78, Brett got in on the act as a little girl on his knee, too.)

Finished the night online honoring the late Pat Carroll, who passed away yesterday. Carroll's best-known today as the voice of Ursula the Sea Witch from the Disney Little Mermaid and Grandma Arbuckle from the Garfield Christmas and Thanksgiving specials, but in the 60's and 70's, she was a popular comedian and character actress on the stage and TV. Went to Hulu to watch "Hi!" from the first season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary's in the hospital to have her tonsil out. Her roommate is grouchy Lorretta Kuhn (Carroll), who has an ulcer, a broken leg, and a husband she can't stand. Mary wishes she could cheer her up, but talking to her may be the best medicine. 

Carroll was also a fairly common sight on game shows from the 1950's through the 80's. She made her only appearance on Match Game early in the show's run in 1973. It's too bad neither she nor Robert Culp would ever return. She seemed to have a great time that week, especially laughing over Richard's answer to what Raquel would bet if she lost all her money in a poker game. 

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