Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Summer Day Harts

Awoke to a ringing phone. Vanessa had to change plans for tomorrow. The Walgreens at Mt. Ephraim is apparently doing inventory. She recommended the one in Woodbury. It's closer to her office, and about the same size. It's not, however, closer to me. I finally agreed to just take the Uber there. I planned on taking Uber anyway because traffic on the Black Horse Pike can be chancy at best, and I wasn't sure where I'd put my bike in a small pharmacy. We'll still be at Mt. Ephraim on Thursday.

Went back to sleep for an hour. Watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse after I read, did my journal, and had a small breakfast. "Daisy's Dance" at the talent show is minutes away, but first Daisy has to fix her broken heel, then the others have to drive her to Mickey Mouse Park. They use their tools and the moves from Daisy's routine to get past herds of dancing animals, march over a very steep hill, and slide through a narrow maze.

Put on Match Game '74 while getting organized. In the first episode, Gene has trouble with his entrance when the set piece he's leaning on keeps moving, even as he's standing on it! In the second, Kaye Stevens runs off to flirt with a handsome contestant as the turntable whirled him away. Jimmie Walker, Lynda Day George, and the others try to figure out "__ Andy" in the Audience Match. 

Headed out for a short walk even as the show ended. Wanted to get out for a while, since I had no other plans for the day besides counseling. Ended up having lunch at Capitol Pizza. I don't know if they were distracted by Access Hollywood or just not listening, but I had to tell them twice I wanted a slice of mushroom and a slice of cheese, and then they still forgot the cheese. And the pizza wasn't all that good, a little too thin in the crust and doughy in the middle for me. I did spend three dollars on the crane game, but other than that, I think next time I want pizza, I'll just make the walk across town and go to Phillies Phatties instead.

Took a short walk down the White Horse Pike and Johnson after that. While not quite as humid as yesterday, it continues to be hot, into the lower 90's. Clouds gathered on the horizon, but they remained just clouds. Despite the rain yesterday, everything remains too dry and brittle. We really need days' worth of the rain we had yesterday, not just a few minutes in the middle of the night. 

Went straight upstairs after I got in. Made my bed, then went online. I've heard rumblings of American Girl putting out a Roaring 20's doll since I got my Samantha in 1993. Not only did they finally get to making her, but Claudie Wells turned out to be a beauty. Claudie's living in Harlem during their Renaissance. Apparently, she lives in a boarding house full of artistic types and everyone in her family can do something special, but she feels like she has no talent. 

She may think she isn't talented, but she sure is pretty. She has a unique facial mold made to more realistically resemble a real African-American girl and glossy shoulder-length curls with the cutest bow in the back. Her gingham dress is simple but appropriate for her age and time, and for once, I'm glad to see the sweater comes with the doll instead of the accessories. Love that said accessories include a note book for art and writing ideas and a vintage Baby Ruth bar, and that her big fancy furniture item is her father's bakery.

Unfortunately, they released no other day-to-day clothing on her initial launch other than a pair of cute pajamas. Her magenta tap outfit fits her story, but three other fancy dresses done by a major designer were "inspired" by her, rather than being real 20's outfits. (Admittedly, the expensive gold dance costume does look like something chorus girls wore on Broadway in lavish revues like the Ziegfeld Follies.)

I really like Claudie. She's a sweet doll, and I love the idea of her stories. However, I'm trying to get rid of stuff right now, not bring more in. I'm going to wait until Christmas and see how I feel. If I still like her, I'll pick up her and her pajamas and dance outfit with Christmas money or tax return money in February. 

Had counseling at 2 PM. I'm pretty much frustrated with everything right now. I want a home of my own that really belongs to me and that I'll only leave if I want to sell it. I've never lived anywhere but houses owned by someone else who could shove you out if you couldn't afford the rent or they wanted it for someone else. Not even when I was a kid. It's why my family moved around so much in the 80's and 90's. We kept looking for houses on Cape Island and in North Cape May we could afford to rent. 

Trouble is, houses are expensive right now. They're expensive everywhere, but they're especially pricey in commuter-oriented New Jersey. As everyone reminded me during my disastrous attempt to find an apartment last winter, I don't make enough money to afford anything. Not only does the Acme drive me crazy, but it doesn't pay me enough to justify putting up with their idiocy. Trouble is...it does have health insurance. That is the only reason I'm still there. I need health insurance. 

Everyone's always pestering me about being too emotional, including Mrs. Stahl. It just comes out. How can I let my intellect take over when it's terrified of the future, of the past, of losing everything, and of what's going to happen? I wish all these evaluations didn't take so long. I want out of the Acme yesterday. It's hard to think when you're so scared. I wish someone understood what it's like to be terrified and angry and frustrated and tired of waiting. Everyone says there's other people going through this, but...I don't see them. I wish I knew who to talk to. 

Wasn't feeling great when I finished counseling. Put on One Hour With You to make me feel better and relax a bit. I go further into this bubbly romantic comedy about a French doctor and his wife whose marriage is tested when her best friend tries to seduce him at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for a while after that. Brett is quite tired of the nonsense questions the queens pepper her with and finally pushes away from them. They insist they're necessary, but Charles and Orson have another way to deal with them.

Broke for dinner at 7. Ate while watching Match Game '75. Dr. Joyce Brothers had a field day trying to figure out Bill Daily's nervous tics and the way Patti Deustch's mind works in this episode. Meanwhile, Gene swipes drinks in the opening, and the others try to figure out "Gin __" in the Audience Match.

Took a shower, then finished the night on The Roku Channel with Hart to Hart. "Murder is a Drag" when Jonathan and Jennifer accidentally take the seats at the opera of two assassins who are supposed to murder a crusading district attorney. They think Johnathan is the hit man, and they won't take no for an answer, including kidnapping Jennifer during a costume party. Max goes undercover in a very unusual costume to help out. 


Linda said...

Oh, my GOD. How long has Claudie been out? I've been waiting for AG to do a Harlem Renaissance story for YEARS. I'll have to go looking for the book!!!

Emma Redmer said...

She's been out for almost two days. She just debuted yesterday. The first book should be in stores and/or online. ;)