Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sweet Summer Harvest

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel, Margaret, and Dan Sr. enjoy a "Tiger Family Lunch" with Mrs. Tiger when they bring her a picnic while she works. Dan wanders off to look at dandelions, but his dad reminds them that he's there to be with his family. Likewise, Jodi and Dan are distracted by a touch-screen toy before and during "Dinnertime at Jodi's." Jodi's mom calls them back this time to help her make "pan pans" (apparently, vegetable dumplings). 

Headed out after the show ended. Wanted to hit the Collingswood Farm Market, since I won't get there next week. They were packed when I arrived, even at 11 AM. The summer harvest is out in full force. Saw my first melons, plums, and peppers of the year. Ended up buying peaches and three solo-sized cantaloupes. Almost bought plums, but I didn't...and when I came back for them, they were gone.

Strolled across the street to WaWa after ducking through the heavy crowds. Treated myself to a mint cookies and cream smoothie there. Thankfully, everyone must have been back at the farm market. They weren't really that busy. I was in and out after I got my smoothie.

Considered looking for Collingswood's other record store, but I couldn't find it. Decided I wanted a simpler, cheaper lunch than any of the restaurants in town could provide and went back into Oaklyn. Took the long away across Newton Lake Park to enjoy the stunning weather. Sunny, breezy, and in the lower 80's, with a perfect brilliant blue sky. I'm surprised the park wasn't busier, but the only person I saw was a jogger. Everyone must have been at lunch.

If they were, they weren't eating at Crown Chicken and Gyro. The only other person I saw there was an old man who took his food to go. I'm still pretty worn out, so I decided to do the same with my chicken gyro and Diet Coke.

Went straight upstairs and ate lunch while watching Match Game '74. Janet Finn's run continued in these episodes. Charles helped her with "Rocket __" in the Head to Head, while the others made jokes about what the doctor shouldn't give his girlfriend. The second episode had a near-riot when producer and judge Ira Skutch wouldn't match "spot" and "puddle." They dragged him onstage to explain his reasoning.

Switched to The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About Camping as I made the bed and got organized. This is the second of four hour-long specials done as series finales. The Cat takes the kids camping and hiking when they travel to Teardrop Falls to visit Fish's family reunion. The Cat's cousins, Cat A, B, and C, are supposed to be joining in. They spend the trip playing on their phones at first...until they run out of power or lose them or the game ends, and they finally take a look around them and realize how wonderful and challenging nature is. Fish, for his part, learns that he doesn't need fancy clothes or a bowl to show his family how much he loves them.

Switched to the Disney Hercules next. Wanted to watch it on Disney Plus, but for some reason, that refuses to work on my TV. Just put on my DVD instead. At any rate, I go further into this underrated and hilarious retelling of Greek mythology at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on my review after that...which took longer than it should have. I just get far too easily distracted online! I'll be writing the review, but then I'll look up something at my blog, and then I'll read a few entries...and before I know it, two hours have passed. 

It was quarter after 7 when I broke for dinner. Since I still couldn't get Disney Plus to work, I watched more Cat In the Hat as I ate. The camping special wasn't the first time the kids and the Cat visited animals on a camping trip. "Minnie the Meekrat" and her friends on the Peekaboo Plains teach the kids how to feel safe in the wild. Sally and Nick want to use "Leaves" to make a picture of the Cat, but they aren't the right shape. The Cat takes them to the woods of Kaloo-Kalee and shows them how a palm tree, a Douglas fir, and a ginkgo tree use their different leaves and needles to get sun and water.

Finished the night on YouTube with Lawrence Welk. Welk and his Musical Family celebrate summer with "Gotta Travel On" and some pretty goofy skits. The boys convince a shy Bud Hooper to take a chance on Jo Anne Castle in "Charlie, Ask the Girl to Dance" and take her for a ride on a boat in "Paddlein' Madelyn Home," while the others have a "Picnic In the Park" making "Summer Sounds" in 1968. In 1966's "Summer Vacation and Travel," Arthur Duncan is "King of the Road," the Lennon Sisters go on a "Sentimental Journey," and Jo Anne and the Lennons try to convince Jack Imel "All We Need Is a Break" to be big stars. In 1970, Norma Zimmer sings of "Red Sails In the Sunset" while Bobby Burgess and Cissy King recall the early days of car travel "In My Horseless Carriage." 
Enjoy sparkling summer days with Lawrence Welk and his musical family! (Warning about a bad tape on the '68 show and that both copies of the 1970 show online are badly edited and missing parts of a lot of numbers.)

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Linda said...

I noticed you talking about ADHD a few weeks ago; maybe you have been officially diagnosed with it, but remember this:

> Worked on my review after that...which took longer than it should have.
> I just get far too easily distracted online! I'll be writing the review,
> but then I'll look up something at my blog, and then I'll read a few
> entries...and before I know it, two hours have passed.

is NOT a sign of it. :-) Writers have procrastinated for years and sometimes will do anything not to sit down and write. There's a funny story from the 1940s about a writer who had a project due, so his wife basically locked the room where he kept his books (and locked the radio in there, too), made lunch and dinner for him the night before, sat him down at a desk with his typewriter, lots of paper, etc., and took their three kids to grandma's house so he would have one whole uninterrupted day of writing. When she got home she found him just finishing polishing the family silver collection!

Set a timer and force yourself to write until it goes off.