Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Goodwill Harts

Started off the morning with a really quick breakfast. I overslept and just barely had time for that. At least it was a decent day to rush at that point. It was sunny and windy, a little cooler than yesterday but still warm and insanely humid. 

I still arrived a few minutes late. I took the bike this time, since I didn't want to buy more stuff and it wasn't supposed to rain until well after I got in. Rolled around back, since I didn't want to knock anything off the shelves in front. I should have gone around front. They didn't want me in the back alone. At least there was that narrow but well-lit hall where I could put my bike. 

This time, a man helped me pull glassware, plates and cups, and other housewares with green tags. We had to be very careful, especially in the beginning with the glass. The shelves aren't nearly as well-organized as the clothes. Someone must have done it earlier, though. We didn't pull that much. The only shelves that still had a lot of green tags were a pile of binders on a shelf with school accessories. Otherwise, there was so little, and we moved so fast, he let me go 20 minutes early and even bought me a soda from Arby's.

Took the long way home across the Walmart parking lot and down Nicholson Road. It was slightly cloudier at this point, but not ready to pour yet. While it was busy up around the shopping center, it cleared out after that. Oaklyn was stone-quiet. I really hope we get some kind of a storm tonight. Everything looks so dry! The grass is brown and brittle; gardens droop from lack of water.

Went upstairs as soon as I got home. Had a snack while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Goes to School" for the first time, and he's really nervous. He brings along his favorite things...and while it turns out he doesn't need his toys, he does still want his favorite stuffed animal Tigey there. "Daniel Goes to the Doctor" for a routine check-up. Doctor Anna and his mother talk to him and explain what Anna's going to do.

Fell into bed for a nap after the cartoon ended. I'm still beat. It's been a long couple of weeks. Slept for a solid two hours and felt slightly better when I finally rolled out of bed.

Took the laundry downstairs, then did a little writing. Richard drags Brett on the back of his horse to take her over the brooks. Orson and Charles settle for just stepping over them, while Jimmie flies. She's thrilled when she finally gets back on the ground!

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Roz Ryan was really upset when she missed the last word on the Super Password bonus round after they did really well at it. Mark Summers was just shocked by more quick answers, including two in a row. 

Ran Let's Make a Deal as I had a simple dessert. Two fisher-folk did very well, winning a ton of money in a game against a woman dressed as a chef and a man in a giant lobster suit. They came back later to win kitchen appliances. The Big Deal of the Day went to a woman in a visor with a costume covered in newspaper. She admitted to Monty to being disappointed that the guy making the decisions on the first game turned down a piano. The Big Deal of the Day ironically wound up being a grand piano, far nicer and more costly than the small upright on display earlier.

Got my laundry upstairs and put it away, then finished the night online. It's a "Slow Boat to Murder" on Hart to Hart when Johnathan's chief accountant Stanley Freisian awakens on a yacht after going to a singles' club and a party. He has no idea how he got there...or where the dead man with his wallet came from. Johnathan and Jennifer go undercover as singles to clear his name and find themselves breaking up a gambling ring.

Doc McStuffins also deals with toy animals who don't talk like her toys, as we see in two third-season episodes. "Dimintri the Dazzling" is a magician whose springs allow him and his rabbit to do tricks. He's upset when his rabbit Carrots seemingly destroys their act and tearfully tries to give her away, but Doc thinks there's another explanation. Lambie is "Smitten By a Kitten" toy Doc got for free at a school swap meet. The kitty, however, has been pulled out of boxes at the swap meet for so long, she's skittish around new faces. Doc helps Lambie get her new friend settled in and teaches her how to help a nervous pet. 

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