Thursday, August 04, 2022

Hot Day at Home

Began a killer hot morning at home with breakfast and She-Ra. Catra sends a Melog, a mud monster, to fight She-Ra. It becomes the "Enemy With My Face" when it absorbs her powers and part of her likeness. To Catra's dismay, it's also absorbed her feelings. She-Ra encourages it to become its own creature when Catra lashes out.

Took my laundry downstairs, then switched to Match Game '74 while vacuuming and Swiftering. In the first episode, while the others joke about how Nanook creates his own electricity, Richard gets an amazing answer to "Peter __" on the Head-to-Head. Charlie Brill and Joyce Bulifant look on here. In the next one, Richard is delighted to hear about a pretty young contestant with a streak in her hair who wraps bodies with seaweed at a spa. The others have an easier time figuring out "Sandy __" in the Audience Match.

Put my first load of laundry in the dryer, dropped a smaller load in the wash, then had a quick lunch and dusted while returning to She-Ra. "Book Burning" is surprisingly dark for a mid-80's animated TV series. Adora and Bow are the guests at a class where they try to explain to the kids about the Great Rebellion. One kid in particular thinks that the Horde is great and what they say is a load of hooey, The Horde recruit him to spy on the teacher and anyone else in the town whom they think is going against them. He learns a tough lesson when the Horde burn any print material that speaks out against their regime and try to take the children away.

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on projects online after I brought my first load of laundry upstairs, including my review for the Elvis movie I saw yesterday. I go into further detail at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finally broke for dinner (and remembered to retrieve my laundry) at 7. Ate while watching Match Game '75. They jumped back to the week of Bill Macy's only appearance on the show this evening. He really should have returned, because he livened up one of the funniest weeks of the year. The first one has a girl named Tommie fielding an inappropriate comment from Gene and drooling from Richard. In the next, everyone has some very amusing answers as to who would play the Beast to Betty White's Beauty.

Finished the night with Murder She Wrote at the Roku Channel. Leslie Nielson plays her ex-boyfriend David Everett, who working with several young people seeking 18th century sunken gold off the coast of Cabot Cove. It becomes "Dead Man's Gold" when one man almost dies when his equipment malfunctions and one of the women in the group is killed in a hit-and-run. Jessica doesn't believe either were accidents, especially once it's discovered that if one member of the group dies, the others get a larger share of the gold.

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