Monday, August 08, 2022

Suspended In Time

Got a quick start this morning. I spent so much time getting my blog entry together last night, it didn't leave me a lot of time to get ready for work! Managed to eat and dash out, arriving just in time.

That's about the only thing that went right all day. Work was a pain again. I'd no sooner attempt to sweep the store than someone would call me to put away carts of cold items customers didn't want, and then someone would call me to find a motorized cart for a customer, and then I'd have to go outside and get carts, all at the same time. I could barely finish anything. At least this time, I had help from the teen boy evening bagger after 4 PM. He got half the carts and swept the store, freeing me up to shelve cold items and finally gather the overflowing outside trash and recycling.

Went straight into dinner and Super Password when I got home. Buzzr's holding a Password marathon at 6 PM for the next two weeks. I arrived in time to see the master of slime himself, Marc Summers of the Nickelodeon Double Dare, lead his contestant through Password Puzzles. He was shocked when she got a puzzle on one word! (Heck, I was shocked!)

Since it looks like Match Game is bumped from 7 PM for a while, I ran one of the early night time episodes on YouTube that Buzzr hasn't gotten to yet. Bombshell Lynda Day George and chatty Orson Bean throw out their own unique answers to whom Sargent Preston of the Yukon married when he was desperate. (You'd think Brett, herself a native of Canada, would have understood that question!) Charles had more fun with a rare chance to answer "__ Poker" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night online honoring more of those who have passed away recently. I couldn't find the original Magnum PI for free online anywhere, so I ran Roger E Mosley's episodes of Match Game '91 instead. Mosley played Magnum's helicopter-driving friend on the island on the show, and he had a great time as one of two people from that program to appear in this later version in early April and late May. Here's four of his best shows, for your enjoyment!

Having been born the year after Grease was a sensation, I grew up listening to Olivia Newton-John on the radio. Even though the movie Xanadu was a flop, the title song, "Magic," and "Suddenly" were massive hits. My favorite of Newton-John's numbers from that soundtrack are her lovely soft-shoe with Gene Kelly "Whenever You're Away With Me" and her passionate ballad "Suspended In Time." The sex-charged "Physical" was one of the earliest videos to get heavy rotation on MTV. 

Even now, hearing her breathy voice on those songs is oddly...comforting, reminding me of when I was very little, laying on Mom's old orange and black zig-zag comforter, playing dress-up in my grandma's frilly slips while a little "Magic" played in the background. Her gentle "Magic" will be very much missed. 

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