Saturday, August 27, 2022

Cinderella Wishes

Overslept and got a really fast start this morning. I barely had time for breakfast before dashing out. Not helped by some Saturday morning traffic on the White Horse Pike. I just got to work on time.

Ended up cashiering today. Many workers are out with injuries or are on vacation before their kids go back to school. They simply don't have enough help. We did have some crowds in the morning, but it died after lunch time and never picked up again. Even so, I still barely got out on time because the girl I thought came in for me wasn't. And I wish I had an easier time dealing with people. I get so frustrated with myself when things go wrong! I never know what to say to anyone, and I end up apologizing constantly and getting angry with myself. 

Originally planned on taking the long way home, but they're doing road work on Nicholson. Cut through Audubon Park instead. They're the small development between Audubon and Oaklyn. They were created in the early 40's as homes for Camden workers. They're all small one and two story white houses with tiny front and back lawns. Their one and only school closed years ago; it's now the local recreation center and preschool. Everyone must have been on vacation or at work. They were super-quiet. I didn't even see anyone out for a walk or walking their dog. Maybe they were all avoiding the 90-degree heat and hazy humidity. 

When I got home, I went straight upstairs to relax and watch Sneakerella on Disney Plus. I go further into this modern retelling of the beloved fairy tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for a while after the movie ended. Charles, Orson, and Lee Merriweather the Cheshire Catwoman finally sing the queens to sleep...but not before Brett asks Queen Helen how to restore Richard's mind and wake up her husband. Get rid of the Red King's scepter, she says, and let Richard use the Vorpal Sword for a courageous act. 

After they disappear, Jimmie the Dodo finds an archway with Brett's name over it. Brett hopes it'll let them into the Red King's castle.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Got to Let's Make a Deal in time for the Big Deal of the Day. This is a rare episode with an all-cash Big Deal, and it went to a young lady dressed as a saloon dancer. She said she was out of work and this would tide her over and allow for a trip to Monty's native Canada.

Looks like Buzzr's running Match Game PM on weekends. Soap opera star Meg Bennett joined Gary Burghoff, Fannie Flagg, and the others to figure out what Mr. Periwinkle and his lady friend do to each other's dentures and what a T-shirt of a mountain looks like on Brett's tomboyish figure. Meanwhile, Richard helps out with "__ Curtain" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night online after a shower with a Love Boat episode.  Vicki is upset when "The Captain's Crush" turns out to be a gorgeous movie star (Joan Collins). The tabloid writer snooping around her thinks Steubing may end up being her tenth husband. A woman (Stella Stevens) who is tired of her husband (Monte Markham) constantly abandoning her to play golf rekindles a flame with an old lover (Ron Ely), but it becomes an "Off-Course Romance" when it turns out her husband can join the cruise after all. Another lady, a beauty with stunning curls (Delta Burke), wants to marry her current wealthy hairdresser (Jeffery Tambour in an early role), but first she has to get her ex-lover and hairdresser (Richard Gilliand) "Out of My Hair."

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