Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Summer Winds

Got up and going with enough time to catch a cartoon before work. Watched more Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That as I had breakfast. It's "A Tail About Tails" when Sally and Nick play Pin the Tail on the Donkey and wish they had tails of their own. The Cat takes them to the jungle to show off many different animal tails and their uses. It's a "Sticky Situation" when Nick's drumstick breaks and the Cat takes the kids to visit with Betty the Beaver to find him a new one. The Cat thinks he's found it...but when it turns out to hold together Betty's dam, he and the kids have to figure out how to fix it in a hurry!

In fact, I had enough time for a quick Bluey episode before I headed out. Bandit, the pups' dad, is fed up with stepping on their ton of toys and insists that they donate some to the Aussie equivalent of Goodwill. The girls and their mom Chili protest each one he tries to get rid of, claiming they're "special." When he asks them to show him why "Mr. Monkeyjocks" (a monkey in underwear) is special, they go overboard, kicking him out. He does likewise in pampering the stuffed monkey, until he finally gets it through to the girls that having too much of a good thing can lead to a lot of boredom. 

Work wound up being absolutely no trouble at all. I ended up bagging again. We were on-and-off steady, not bad for Senior Discount Tuesday. I spent another gorgeous day pushing carts, returning cold items, and sweeping the store. It slowed down enough later in the day for the head bagger to leave a register and help me outside. 

I did have trouble with the overloaded outside trash bag in the front trash can breaking on me. Not only is the trash can itself full, but I really wish everyone would stop throwing away their trash from the fast food restaurants behind the store in there. The fast food restaurants have trash cans of their own for that. Took me forever to clean up the mess!

Hurried out with no problems as soon as I finished my shift. The weather was so nice, I took the long way home down Nicholson Road, despite the rush-hour traffic. Even with a stiffer, cooler wind, it remains sunny, dry, and just hot enough for August. 

Went straight upstairs and into writing when I got home. Brett finds herself hemmed in by White Queen Helen and Red Queen Fannie on a stone bench in the garden. The latter is especially critical of her performance as queen. They insist on giving her an "examination" to prove her worth as queen, but she's not sure about that...

Broke for dinner at quarter after 6. Ate while watching Higher and Higher. I go further into this charming romantic comedy featuring Frank Sinatra and Jack Haley at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night on YouTube with free Laugh-In episodes. Richard Dawson joined the very 60's sketch show in its last three seasons. He added a great deal of dry British wit to a series that already lost several key performers by then. Dawson and his fellow Hogan's Heroes castmate Larry Hovis had a great deal of fun in these episodes, joining Barbara Shawma, Johnny Brown, hosts Dick Martin and Dan Rowan, Karen Valentine, Ruth Buzzi, and Lily Tomlin. 

I got to see Tomlin's classic bits with chatty telephone operator Ernestine and her little girl in the giant seat again, while Buzzi dealt with Hovis being clumsy in a glass shop and tried to figure out where Howard Hughes went in her dreams. Dawson turned up as an aging British butler during dance sequences, read Dracula while the vampire moved in to attack him, did his Groucho imitation with Shawma as his hapless patient, and really seemed to enjoy being flogged as a pirate in one episode. His future Match Game co-stars Charles Nelson Reilly and Fannie Flagg joined James Coco and Henny Youngman for quick blackout gags in the other show I watched tonight. 

I have such fond memories of watching this on Nick @ Nite in the early 90's. They showed it back-to-back with the wacky Canadian variety show SCTV and late 70's-early 80's episodes of Saturday Night Live. (Fernwood 2 Night with Martin Mull joined the line-up a bit later.) Between those four shows, I got to watch pretty much every major comedian who ever appeared in anything from the mid-60's through the mid-80's. I suspect I learned quite a bit about comedy and timing from watching these shows, to the point where I call this my "comedy education." 

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