Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The Password is Goodwill

Got a quick start today with a yogurt and fruit breakfast. Though it was sunny and windy today, it was also deadly hot and humid again, and it was supposed to rain later. Plus, I wasn't sure if Goodwill had a place for my bike. I took Uber there; they arrived in less than 8 minutes. 

Ended up being 10 minutes early. The counselor met me in a well-lit corridor in the back of the building. We signed paperwork at a card table before she told me the manager wanted me to pull items that had a green tag on them. I could do that! We did that all day, and it was actually kind of fun. Filled three racks with baby clothes, linens, pants, shorts, skirts, lingerie, and pajamas. 

And yes, not only did I finally remember to bring my last bag of donations in, but I had the chance to pick up a few things. She ended up with a whole cart-full! I found a comfy pale green flannel nightgown for the winter, a flowered short-sleeved blouse for now, the Frank Sinatra movie Higher and Higher (look for it later this month or early next month on the blog) on DVD, a CD set, and three records:

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (the CD set)

Jo Anne Castle - Ragtime Piano 

Original 1969 Broadway cast album for 1776

The Mouse Factory (Supposedly bits and pieces from the TV show - not likely with their original hosts, but still there.) 

Made a short stop at Five Below next-door after I finally bought all that. I've been looking for the Coke Zero Starlight flavor since I first found it on the day I moved in February, but I hadn't seen it again until I dug it out of the cooler. Also tried a tasty dark chocolate Kit-Kat. Given the way everything's gone lately, I figured I needed something dark chocolate. They weren't busy, and I was in and out. Called Uber and got home within ten minutes.

Went straight upstairs and into writing after I arrived. For all of Richard's rambling about inventions, he did get the others to the edge of the forest. He offers to carry Brett over a series of brooks. Charles and Orson decline and Jimmie can already fly over them, but Brett doesn't have a chance before he swings her onto his horse and leaps the narrow waters...

Broke for dinner at 6:30 for more of the summer Password marathon. Mark Summers couldn't hold a slime-covered candle to big, bold Roz Ryan, who got her contestant through the Super Password round in no time flat. She even had the chance to do a little singing later. 

Continued into Let's Make a Deal as I had dessert. Poor Monty Hall nearly had his ear drums ruptured by a woman dressed as a blue crayon who was just way too excited for words! She screamed as much over a refrigerator as she did when she got the Big Deal of the Day, a trip to the Caribbean. 

Finished the night with Beach Party, which is currently free with ads at YouTube, after a shower. I go into the first of the famous surfing beach musicals of the mid-60's with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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