Monday, August 29, 2022

Getting It Together

Slept in today. I didn't get up until around 11, and it was past noon before I had brunch. Watched Match Game '74 as I ate. Gary Burghoff started his first week replacing Charles Nelson Reilly while the latter directed a play in New York. Michael Evans, the first Lionel on The Jeffersons, marked his only appearance on the show this week as well. He gets to help out with "__ Beard" in the Audience Match as Gene questions the answer "Red" in the first episode. There are many jokes about Fannie's glittery snake and apple t-shirt in the second. 

One of the things I realized the last two times I moved is I not only have way too much stuff, but it's not as well-organized as it could be. Especially right now. I don't have room for it all. 

I've had some of my scrunchies for over a decade when Mom gave me ones she didn't want. They're way beyond stretched now. I threw away half of them and a pile of too-small clips that didn't really hold my thick hair, along with a bottle of Bath and Body Works "fragrance mist" I never touched. I've never been a fan of perfume. Either you smell good, or you don't. Perfume is too much. 

Headed out to run a few errands around quarter of 2. Rode down to the PNC Bank in Collingswood briefly first. In addition to picking up money for the rent, I wanted 20 dollars as emergency money. I learned a lesson when our system went down yesterday. One should always have at least three methods of payment on hand. Physical money gets lost; computer systems break down. 

Also, this is the second time in less than a month that one of the tellers mentioned upgrading my savings and checking accounts, now that I have real money in them. I'd like to actually do something with my money...but other than buying a house or a condo, I'm not sure what. I've never had real money before. 

Dodged traffic on Cuthbert Road next, heading down to the Haddon Township Library. At least the weather continued to be decent for riding. Hot, yes, but not abnormally so for August. It remained really humid, though. The air seemed to smother me as I pushed my bike past McDonalds and the big apartment buildings and up the steep hill to the Library.

They were as quiet as could be. I may have been the only one in there, besides the librarians. Returned the ADHD books. Settled on a mystery series I never saw before, the muffin-themed Bran New Death. They did have the newest Maisie Dobbs mystery in...but I hadn't gotten to the one before that, The Consequences of Fear. 

Made my way across the street to Target next. Had lunch at Starbucks. The lime-coconut bar and spinach-egg-pesto sandwich were so tasty the last time I had them, I ordered them again. Tried their "Paradise Drink" Refresher. Turned out to be orange-pineapple, with what I suspected were dried orange bits. Oooh, cool, creamy, sweet and tropical.

Mainly wanted to pick up pads. Grabbed the largest bag I could get away with. It was so darn humid, I picked up a bottle of water, too. Found a bin of simple crew socks in the clothes section, very 70's, a thick blend with stripes on the tops and colored heels. Picked up one pair of red with navy stripes, and a pack of brown with pale blue heels, and pale blue with brown stripes. 

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of hitting there during rush hour. The lines wound half-way down the store. I wanted to use the self-checkout lanes, but I ended up in a regular line. At least the teen cashier moved quickly and seemed pleasant. 

Despite the traffic, I managed to hurry across Cuthbert to Johnson and make it home by 4:30. When I got upstairs, I moved the pads into boxes and a plastic container. Shifted the remaining Star Wars books to one plastic milk crate, then used the second for my work clothes. 

Worked on writing for a while after that. Brett is not a cute little blonde girl. She grabs the frog footman who stuck his head out the door by his ascot and says he'd better let her and the guys in, or else. He says the only way she's going to get past the Red King and rescue the others is to get that scepter at the Tea Party the queens spoke of.

Didn't break for dinner until 7. Watched Match Game '75 while I ate. We had a really good game in this episode. A burly-but-sweet gentleman named Henry tied with Carol Bartos, thanks to Arlene Francis matching him despite the audience not approving of his answer! It literally came down to one answer in the tie-breaker questions. Brett wishes she could have equally good luck with "__ Mat" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night after a shower with a two-part Love Boat episode from the 6th season. The crew is delighted to be sailing on the ship Stella Solaris in Greece and Turkey. Julie meets up with a young boy she once sponsored, Gregori Papodopolous (Lorenzo Lamas). He's now a wealthy man and is in love with Julie. "Julie's Tycoon" wants to marry her, but she's not really interested and tries to figure out how to let him down easy. 

Doc thinks he's "Papa Doc" when he discovers the wealthy young woman he has a crush on (Jan Smithers) is pregnant. Turns out she's more interested in the crusading journalist (Kiel Martin) who wrote scathing news articles on her mother (Alexis Smith). Vicki plays "The Role Model" for a photographer (David Hedison), but he really wants his model ex-wife (Linda Evans) back. Everyone's shocked when "The Spoonmaker Diamond" is stolen from a Turkish museum. Inspector Akmed Sadu (Jamie Farr) of Interpol thinks it's passenger and gem expert Mark Hayward (Mike Connors), but a southern couple (Harvey Korman and Nancy Dussault) may know more than they're telling. 

Oh, and I put in for my next vacation week today. I'll be visiting Lauren in Pittsfield from September 22nd to the 28th. I can't wait. We always have a good time when we're together. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the New England Exposition, since we didn't get there last year. It's their state fair, and it's so much fun. 

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